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On The Hunt For Cat Health?

Cat health and predator behavior in cats

Aylen’s favorite past time is fetching her ball

Should Cats Hunt For Their Food?

My friend, Monica, forwarded me an interesting article in the New York Times last week.  When it comes to cat health it was suggested that cats who have to hunt for their meals are healthier.  A veterinarian has actually invented a fabric covered plastic container pouch that you put kibble in and then hide it for your cat to find.  Her premise is that cats shouldn’t eat out of bowls but should be in charge of their own feeding schedule, and by tapping into their natural hunting instincts it will make them healthier.  

Sure, But Quality Of The Food Matters

While on the surface this may sound like a good idea, especially for emotional and mental stimulation.  She says cats need portion control and so many are overweight; many cats also have vomiting issues.  I couldn’t agree more!  But using dry kibble as a food source clearly isn’t going to deliver optimal health to your cat, whether it’s overweight or not.  When looking at a condition from a holistic perspective you must always try to determine the root cause…NOT address merely the symptoms!   Cats are overweight because pet parents feed their pets way more food than they need, and cats don’t get enough exercise and stimulation.  The type of food they eat is perhaps the most important, fundamentally.  If they are eating “food” that’s filled with corn, soy, meat by-products, rendered fats, food dyes, toxic and synthetic chemicals,  and no moisture, how can that possibly lead to health?  (You can read more about that here.)

I think that hiding treats inside a pouch your cat has to hunt for is a great way to provide mental stimulation and nourish their emotional well being, but providing your cat with a biologically appropriate, raw food based diet is the best approach for optimal health.  Freeze-dried food, as well as canned or wet food options that are made with human grade and premium ingredients are also good choices if you cannot afford to feed a 100% raw diet.  And you must read the labels and determine the correct portion size for your cat.  Since most cats sleep most of the day, do they really need that huge helping of food?  Check out some of the raw, freeze-dried and canned options we have in our store.

Exercise Stimulates Their Predator Nature, Too

If you want to add some serious fun and stimulation for both you and your kitty, set aside some time to play every day.  This is a great way to keep them active and build that bond between you.  Try rotating her toys, too, so she is not always playing with the same ones.  Unless, of course, she has a favorite that she plays with everyday like Lili and Aylen do.  If your cat is bored with her toys, or if you need some inspiration, check out these awesome toys which you can find in our store!

What kind of measures have you taken to maximize your cat’s health?  Leave a comment below and sign up here to join our community of cat lovers!


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