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Applaws Cat Food Review

Welcome to my first product review!  My friend Barbara who reps Applaws sent me a box of goodies in the mail recently to let my cats taste.  Of course whenever I bring in the mail or a if box of any kind is delivered the cats immediately think it’s for them.  I can barely put it down on the counter to open it and someone furry is already jumping up on the counter (a no-no in our house) to inspect the contents.  Once it’s emptied the box must be sniffed and sat in.  And please keep all the shipping paper or plastic bubble wrap in it because then it becomes even more mysterious!

As I was unpacking the contents Hershey immediately grabbed the sample of kibble and jumped down, intent on sneaking off for a private snack.  I ruined his moment by taking it away before he could manage to get it opened.  We don’t eat kibble in our house.

Applaws is a unique brand:  it’s 100% natural, human grade food with no additives included.  This is what you’d call a Supplemental Diet; it requires you to either add a vitamin supplement, fish oil, or mix with a premium complete

Applaws pouches

diet canned food or –gasp–kibble.

They have several product lines including Applaws Layers, Grain Free Pouches, See-through Pots, or Cans.  Their recipes include 2-4 ingredients–that’s it!  No additives or fillers like Guar Gum, Dicalcium Phosphate, or Choline Chloride, or meat by-products.  They believe in using the highest quality protein which is why it’s human grade food!

One thing that concerned me was that some of their products do contain a small amount of grains, about 1%.  According to Applaws, this equates to about the amount a cat would ingest in the wild through eating its prey, and this makes a lot of sense.  Still, is it really necessary to include it?  Probably not.  The other thing that disappoints me is that their products are primarily seafood and chicken based, both of which are considered “hot” foods and can cause inflammation if eaten all the time.  And let’s face it–pet food companies’ two favorite ingredients are chicken and seafood!  It’s hard to find pet food that doesn’t contain these

A blend of raw rabbit and Applaws "pots"

A blend of raw rabbit and Applaws “pots”

ingredients.  I’m not sure about seafood, but lots of animals end up with food allergies, and the number one culprit is chicken.  This is why it’s very important to rotate your cat’s diet and offer a variety of foods.

So what did my cats think about Applaws?  They thoroughly enjoyed devouring every single bite!  See and hear for yourself!


(Rating 1-5 paw print sets with 5 being Excellent)

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