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Chilly Lili

It was almost the end of November, and after months of abnormally warm weather we finally got a cold front.  Not to miss the opportunity to cool the house down “naturally” rather than using the a/c, my husband opened up all the windows and eventually the inside temperature dropped into the 60’s.  Being a warm-natured person I cannot stand being cold unless I’m dressed appropriately for it.  Therefore, knowing the drill, I pull on my leggings, booties, and long sleeve fleeces and endure the few days of living like an Eskimo.  I also like to take the opportunity to tease him as well when it appears even he is pushing the envelope of cold toleration a bit.

I was getting ready to head off to work the other day and walked into our master bathroom.  The first clue I had that something was up was that the French doors were almost closed.  As I walked in I heard the hum of the space heater and noticed that he had it positioned on the counter next to his sink where he was brushing his teeth.  He was dressed in warm ups, warm socks, and a sweatshirt.  The air was nice and warm in the bathroom–a noticeable contrast from the hallway outside.  “Feeling a little chilly, Hon?” I teased him.  “No,” he replied with confidence.  “It’s for Lili.”  Then I looked closer.  I noticed the position of the space heater–facing DIRECTLY across from the open cabinet where we have a luxurious cat bed pillow.  I peeked around him and spotted Lili curled up with an innocent little smile of pure pleasure on her face.   I laughed out loud and replied, “Well of course it is!”
She has Daddy wrapped completely around her paw.  

Chilly Lili

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