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Dental Dilemma

Have you ever tried to brush your cat’s teeth?  I know—that’s like asking if you’ve ever tried giving your cat a bath.  I’m reminded of what a veterinarian said to me once: “Cat’s only like something if it’s their idea.”  Boy do those words ring true!

Hershey went to the vet yesterday to get his teeth cleaned.  The day did not go so well.  His EKG looked suspicious so the vet wanted to get an x-ray of his heart before putting him under anesthesia. After looking at the films Dr. Gallagher decided everything was normal and he proceeded with the cleaning.  Then more bad news: he needed 3 extractions.  Now, you’re probably thinking I’m a neglectful mom, and being such a healthy minded person how could I let his teeth get this bad??  Believe me, I gave myself quite a guilt trip.  No, I haven’t been ignoring his teeth.  In fact, I’ve kept the cats’ toothbrush on the kitchen counter and periodically will grab each one and give my best effort in brushing their teeth, much to their displeasure.  So what went wrong between his last cleaning a little over two years ago and now?  My conversation with the technician revealed the answer.

What kind of food do I feed him?  Canned only.  We don’t do kibble in our house because of the kidney issues it causes.  Because I can’t get him to chew/eat raw quail (bones included), his teeth are accumulating tartar and plaque.  Now I understand why dental treats can be so important for cats who eat a raw or soft-food only diet.  The next question was, what treats do I get?  There are lots of products out tdetail_090041B.060here with the best intentions but not the best ingredients, so after looking at a couple I decided to buy Perio Plus Feline Bites.  They have a crunchy outer part combined with a softer inner part.  The outer part helps dental cleaning, plaque control and fresh breath, and the inner part helps promote gum tissue integrity and overall oral health and fresh breath.  Plus, the ingredients include spirulina, chlorophyll, parsley, cinnamon, probiotics, mushroom extract, CoQ10, yucca, cranberry extract, taurine, and zinc.  These products are great for helping the body to eliminate toxins, boost the immune system, and even help the urinary tract system, too.  There’s nothing in this product I wouldn’t want my cats to have.

I bought two packages online.  Fingers crossed they all like them!  And no, I’m not giving up trying to brush their teeth, too!

Give these a try and let me know what your cats think!

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