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Harnessing TCVM For Cats

TCVM for cats

What exactly is TCVM for cats (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine)?

What is it built upon? Did you know this practice has been around for thousands of years?

Dr. Judy Morgan gives the background on this philosophy and practice in today’s interview. We discuss how the 5 Chinese elements correspond to different personalities, and what these elements represent. Knowing your cat’s element can provide clues to how to support your cat, when something is out of balance, what to feed and what to look out for in terms of longevity.

I always find it fascinating how using TCVM for cats can make such a beneficial impact on our cats’ and our own health and wellbeing. Be sure to take the quizzes below!

What was your biggest take-away from today’s chat?

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Muscle Testing Workshop
This was a great introduction to the practice of muscle testing. Pam is an experienced practitioner who showed us all how to do it without intimidation. I feel more confident in my own abilities now. Anybody can do it.

Catherine M.

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