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mercurius solubilis 30c

Homepathy can treat contact dermatitis

Homeopathic treatments for contact dermatitis in cats

2 responses to “mercurius solubilis 30c”

  1. Nancy Watts says:

    I’m looking for something for gingivitis in my cat. I inherited him about 8 months ago.I started him on a raw diet as soon as I got him. Due to his poor diet and cat fights, he only has 6 teeth left.(he had been declawed). I recently noticed he has gingivitis with his remaining teeth. Is there anything I can do correct this naturally? I would truly appreciate your input. Thank you Nancy

    • Pam Roussell says:

      You may try brushing his teeth if he’ll let you. I actually have a blog article about anesthesia free dentistry that explains how to wrap up the kitty in a purrito so that you can brush the teeth. Because my cats aren’t fans of the pet toothpaste I put a dental enzyme product on a toothbrush and brush their teeth. You can also try squirting or spraying the enzyme product directly onto their teeth, too. Finally, you can also try using the homeopathic remedy Fragaria Vesca 30C and give orally once a day. I have a video on YouTube that explains how to prepare a homeopathic remedy for cats:

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