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Kitten Summer Games!


You’ve got to admit…it’s hard to find something cuter than kittens!  I could waste HOURS of my time watching cute cat videos on Facebook and YouTube. They are captivating and I constantly find myself saying “Awwwww!” or talking to the video as if the kitties can actually hear me! Please tell me I’m not the only one…

In case you haven’t heard of it, you must check out Kitten Summer Games on the Hallmark channel!  It actually aired on Friday August 5th, and I missed it!  😪  But you can catch all the highlights and behind the scenes action on the Hallmark Channel website.  You will find so many funny and cute videos of kittens “playing” their own version of this summer’s Olympic games.

Kudos to the North Shore Animal League who featured all these kittens who were up for adoption right after the show!  I wonder how many actually got adopted now that they are famous athletes?  Perhaps a sponsorship or two for the gold medalists?  And you’ve got to hand it to Beth Stern, spokesperson of North Shore Animal League and wife of famous Howard Stern, who is a tireless promoter of fostering and animal adoption.  She makes a wonderful hostess and the kitties adore her!  How can I get her job at the next kitten games?  I must work on that…


I must admit…I haven’t even turned on the real Olympics yet, but I am drawn to binge watch ALL these videos.  Yes, I’m sure I’ll be smiling and laughing so hard that my cheeks will hurt tomorrow.  Aylen, our talented baby girl who loves to fetch, somersault, and race around chasing balls with lightning speed, may even be impressed with these talented little felines.

Here’s the link to watch all the fun:

Let me know which events were your favorites!











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