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Live Q&A August 2023

holistic modalities for cats

Live Q&A was back! My passion is supporting cat parents who want to learn how to implement holistic modalities for cats.

Some questions from viewers included:

😸How to support a senior cat with pain/mobility issues

😸Products that can support a cat with polycystic kidney disease

😸How to get a cat to let his owner sleep at night when he wants to play

In addition, we also had a quiz to test their knowledge about holistic health for cats including:

😸Modalities to support a nervous, anxious cat using color, crystals and flower essences

😺Homeopathic remedies to support specific allergy symptoms

😺Which emotions are stored and emitted from 9 different organs and glands

Watch the episode below and bring your pen and notepad! What was your biggest takeaway?

Our Purpose Comes From Those That Touch Our Heart.

To help cat owners learn about the options and benefits of natural, holistic health in order to not just live but to thrive. After all, our cats aren’t just pets...they’re family.

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