Purrrfectly Holistic Radio Show

Monthly radio show about cats

On The Air!

Join us for our monthly radio show every 3rd Monday of the month, 7pm CST, at News For The Soul Radio!

We are humbled and honored to be invited by Nicole Whitney, Founder of News For the Soul Radio, to host our own radio show!  Topics will include:

  • Feline nutrition
  • Learning to read pet food labels
  • Holistic health modalities such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, flower essences, and more
  • Resolving feline behavior issues
  • Case studies
  • Inspirational stories
  • Animal communication
  • Reiki for cats
  • Interviews with cat professionals, healers, and more

radio show about cats

Hosting a radio show was never “on my radar,” yet sometimes the universe surprises us with opportunities we never expect!  I am grateful for the chance to help and inspire cat parents learn and explore new paradigms.  Call-ins and emails during the show are welcomed, too.  

Can’t listen live?  No problem!  You can catch the recorded shows at the links below.

Pam Roussell of Purrrfectly Holistic monthly radio showFebruary 12, 2019:  Introducing Pam Roussell, Owner and Founder of Purrrfectly Holistic, LLC

Raw diets are species appropriate for catsApril 15th, 2019:  The Importance of Cat Nutrition


Cat health problems can be addressed holisticallyMay 20th, 2019:  Items to put in your cat’s holistic health toolkit–Part 1


June 17th, 2019:  Items to put in your cat’s holistic health toolkit–Part 2


Carb diets in cats promote cancerJuly 15th, 2019:  The Truth About Kibble

Peas and legumes often replace grains in pet foodAugust 19th, 2019:  Thoughts on vegan diets for cats, help for cats with glaucoma and helping cats who are finicky eaters
The Two Crazy Cat Ladies
November 18, 2019:  Reiki for Pets and Pet Parents


Truth About Pet Food

Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food

December 16, 2019:  Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food

Meditation with animal communication


January 20, 2020:  Question & Answer session plus tips on how to improve your cat’s health this year



speaking with animals

April 20, 2020:  Interview with Lanna Ashley, Professional Animal Communicator


June 15, 2020:  CBD expert Angela Ardolino discusses using cannabis for pets


July 20, 2020:  Cat tips and advice, Q & A
Dr. Margo Roman
August 17, 2020:  Dr. Margo Roman, DVM, talks about Micro Biome Restorative Therapy
Dr. Marci Koski
September 21, 2020:  Dr. Marci Koski discusses inter-cat aggression, litter box issues, and introducing a new kitty to the home
Dr.Chris Bessent DVM
October 19,2020:  Chris Bessent, DVM discusses biologically appropriate nutrition for cats


November 16, 2020:  Marlene Siegel, DVM, talks about detoxing our pets

December 21, 2020:  Dr. Marci Koski returns to talk about ways to resolve unwanted behavior
Angie Ardolino
January 18, 2021:  Angie Ardolino returns to discuss more on CBD for pets
Cancer in pets
February 15, 2021:  Dr. Marlene Siegel returns to discuss cancer in pets
Healing with herbs
March 15, 2021:  Dr. Chris Bessent shares wisdom on how to use herbs to help heal our pets
April 19, 2021: Q & A With Pam!
May 17, 2021:  The Two Crazy Cat Ladies shares greatest lessons learned in the feline health industry
cats with kidney disease 
June 21, 2021:  Cats with kidney disease plus Q&A
July 19, 2021:  Daniel Orrego discusses the connection of metabolism and disease in pets
 August 16, 2021:  Round table discussion with industry colleagues on trends we see in our arenas plus Q & A
Dr Ryan Yamka
September 20, 2021:  Dr. Ryan Yamka discusses the grain free/DCM myth
Kim Shotola
October, 18, 2021:  Kim Shotola discusses grief and loss of our pets


Kara Daniels


November 15, 2021:  Animal Communication with Kara Daniels


December 20, 2021:  Dr. Katie Woodley, Feline Pancreatitis


January 17, 2022:  Moving with cats, plus Q&A


IBD in cats

February 21, 2022:  IBD in Cats


Prescription diets for pets

March 21, 2022:  Dr. Katie Woodley, Prescription Diets for Pets


Mind Body Spirit Release

April 18, 2022:  Tracy Southwick, Mind Body Spirit Release



May 16th, 2022:  Dr. Marlene Siegel, The 4th Phase of Water & Its Hidden Secrets


feline longevity

June 20, 2022:  Dr. Judy Morgan, Feline Longevity

July 18, 2022:  Deeper Connections With Our Pets


The Purrrfectly Holistic Radio Show

August 22, 2022:  Pet Celebrity Round Table Talk from SuperZoo


Pet food labels

September 19, 2022Deciphering Pet Food Labels


pet food labels

October 17, 2022:  Pet Food Labels, Part 2


elevating consciousness

November 21, 2022:  The Spiritual Journey:  How animals and other tools can help elevate our consciousness

Separation anxiety in cats

December 19, 2022:  Separation Anxiety in Cats with Jessica Fisher