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Neko Flies, Quaking Grass and Quail Bones…oh my!

From time to time products fall into your lap that you never expected to be favorites.  Today I will share with you three items that you and your cats can check out.  In my household these are a must!

Neko Flies

I don’t know who Neko is, but he is a genius!  Neko Flies are interactive cat toys that my cats absolutely love!  They are beautifully designed, very sturdy, and they appeal to the wild side of your precious Fluffy.

What's left of our Kittycada Cat Toy

What’s left of our Kittycada Cat Toy

Foxifur Kittenator Cat Toy and Kiticatterfly Cat Toy by Neko Flies

Foxifur Kittenator Cat Toy and Kiticatterfly Cat Toy by Neko Flies

There’s quite a transformation that takes over your cat whenever you pull out a Neko Flies toy:  that sweet, purring angel that snuggles with you at night becomes a deadly, stalking, killing machine.  I’m not kidding!  There’s a great video below of cats enjoying their Neko Flies.  😼

These toys look like rodents or bugs, but in the cat’s mind it doesn’t matter:  it’s prey!  What a great way to create some bonding time for you and your fur baby.  Check out their entire line here.  I’ll be carrying these in our online store!

Quaking Grass

My friend Jill Celeste, a holistic practitioner in Denver and owner of Healing Imprints, is very experienced in flower essences and homeopathy.  In an effort to calm down the twins, Rocket and Gunner, and help them act less aggressively towards Hershey and Lili, she recommended I try Quaking Grass by FES.

Quaking Grass by FES

Quaking Grass by FES

This stuff is amazing; not only does it help people get along but pets, too!   It can be used as a mist or by adding drops to water or food.  But hang on–I found one more use!  I have started putting drops in the litter boxes so that it creates a more cooperative and friendly environment.  Some cats get very protective about “their” litter box, “their” bed, “their” space, especially in a multi-cat household.  Jealousy and friction can be inevitable, and this amazing flower essence has helped curtail these behaviors.  Gunner, who likes to pee over the edge of the litter box as a way of telling the other cats “my box,” and “I’m in charge,” stopped this behavior once I started using the quaking grass.  I put about 20 drops per box twice a week.  I also put 25 drops in their water fountain twice a week.  When Aylen was added to the mix last fall it became even more important to find a way to put everyone at ease.




Raw Quail

Raw diets are great for cats.  In order to help keep their teeth free of tartar and plaque you have to provide them with a means of removing it.  Raw chicken necks and raw quail (complete with bones) are excellent for this!  Don’t cut the pieces very small because you want your cat to have to use their back teeth.  The quail I buy is frozen restaurant grade, and some natural pet stores may carry it.  I buy it at Bones 2 Go in Houston.  I thaw two quails at a time, cut them up into large bite sizes, and keep it in the refrigerator.  I usually serve the cats 1-2 pieces along with their other food.


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