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Pet Therapy, Kitten Style

Pet therapy is a great way to de-stress

Gunner and Rocket at 8 weeks of age

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is now considered a viable, proven way to bring calm and comfort to people.  Those of us who are owned by cats don’t have to be told that having a pet—especially a cat!—is great for reducing stress in our busy and hectic day to day lives.  In fact, numerous studies have shown that cats help reduce blood pressure and bring a sense of calm to their owners.  Even people who suffer from conditions like depression and loneliness are given a new sense of purpose and experience being loved unconditionally.  Yes, cats are truly amazing animals!!

The litter company Tidy Cat did a really cool thing in Los Angeles.  They built a glass enclosure in a public grassy space and invited people to step inside for free stress therapy.  The individual was invited to sit down inside, slip on a pair of headphones, take some deep breaths, and listen to a cat’s purr.  (my most favorite sound in the world)  They had no idea that their therapy session was about to get very real…OMG!!!   See what happened next:

How I wish I had been there!  Although, I’m afraid they would have had to drag me out so that other people could enjoy the free therapy sessions.  Hmmmm…which gives me an idea…how awesome it would be for local animal rescue groups and shelters to create the same set up in cities and towns around the country!  Perhaps not only would it be a great avenue to help people de-stress but think of how many kitties would get adopted!

Food for thought…

I think I need some kitten therapy right now!  How about you?

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