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Sleeping with Cats

It began like all the other usual nights.  If your cats normally sleep with you then you know I mean when I say that the cats all have their “regular, favorite” sleeping spots in bed with you.   I have to mention that we bought a king size bed several years ago so that all the cats (we had six at the time) could snuggle in bed with us each night.

I climbed in first; Lili snuggled up on one side in my arm; Hershey laid on my chest for the first ten minutes and then settled in between my legs;  Aylen snuggled up next to my other side in my arm. Somewhere between two and three in the morning Rocket came upstairs and with great stealth and determination managed to push Hershey out of his spot and move in.  Hershey then relocated to one side next to my legs.  Gunner also decided to join us and was relegated to whatever space he could find left.   This all took place UNDER the covers.   Lili growled as Rocket settled his 13 pound body in for the remainder of the night, a little too close for her comfort.  By this time even if I had wanted to I couldn’t have moved without upsetting the whole clan and we would have had to start all over.

The night was business as usual up to a point.   I was in a deep sleep but somewhere inside me there was a growing awareness that I would soon have to get up and go pee. I started to wake up and play mind games with myself to see if I could “hold it” for awhile longer or if I should just get up and get it over with?  Tell me I’m not the only one who does this!

I reached down to pet Hershey who was now sleeping on my right side down at my hip.  Suddenly I felt a wet sensation next to his hind end…Oh no…Did he “leak” or is this throw up??  Gross!!!!  Having no choice but to get up now, I sat up and “disturbed” everyone.  Sure enough…it appeared that he wet the bed a little bit. Oh crap!  He probably had a urinary tract infection or urinary tract inflammation!



I carefully peeled the layers of cats and covers away in order to climb out of bed and tiptoe down the hallway to the bathroom.  There was no way I was going to wake up my husband in the middle of the night and try to explain this, much less strip the bed and wash the sheets at that minute.  After I went to the bathroom I grabbed a hand towel out of the laundry and walked back to bed.  I laid it over the small wet spot, climbed back in and let everyone get settled in again.  (Does the image of a Chinese fire drill come to mind??)   A heard a couple of growls from Lili, Rocket was kicking against my legs, and Gunner  was half sitting on my chest and half on the mattress, vying for real estate.   Hershey and Aylen took up their original spots.   It took a good five minutes to make everyone happy and get settled in.  Meanwhile my mind was already thinking of the homeopathy I had downstairs and that I needed to test Hershey in the morning to see if in fact he needed the UTI medicine, among others.  No sooner had we all but settled back into dreamworld when I heard the unmistakable “gluck, gluck, gluck” of someone about to hack up a furball!  I bolted straight up in bed, grabbed Lili, who was about to spew all over the bed and dropped her onto the tile floor. Within seconds it was over, she was back under the covers in my arm, and I narrowly escaped having to spend the rest of the night on the couch downstairs.

The first thing I did in the morning was energy test Hershey.  Sure enough…UTI (infection).  He went on a protocol of Kidney Tone by Energetix, Drainage Tone by Energetix, and UTI-Free by Native Remedies.  So far we’ve had no more “accidents” while he’s sleeping, and he’s getting better!

UTI homeopathy

Homeopathy for the UTI

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