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Small Batch Cat Product Review

Small Batch Cat

I’m so excited to present you with another great pet food company:  Small Batch Pet Foods.  They are a small, family owned company out of the Bay Area in California.  They were inspired to create great pet food by using sustainable and local sources, organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic-free meats and pure supplements.  That’s a great recipe for success in my book and the way pet food should be made.


Here’s the actual ingredients for the TurkeyBatch Sliders:

97% turkey, 1% produce, 2% supplements
turkey, turkey necks, turkey backs, turkey livers, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, salmon oil, organic dandelion greens, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp, organic bee pollen, organic barley grass, organic cranberries
Moisture (max): 71.6% Crude Protein (min): 16.4% Crude Fat (min): 7.7% Crude Fiber (max): 0.3% Ash (max): 2.5% Calcium (min): 0.3% Phosphorus (min): 0.3%

Approx. 37 kcal per slider
Cat sliders contain 48, 1oz. sliders (3 lbs.)

My cats thought it was delicious, and if your cats like raw food I’m sure they will, too!  Small Batch makes frozen raw, freeze dried raw, freeze dried raw treats, and frozen blends.  I’d love to get my hands on some of the blends as they contain a blend of meat, bones, organs and vegetables.  You truly cannot go wrong with Small Batch!!  Go to their website to learn more:






4 responses to “Small Batch Cat Product Review”

  1. Bernadette and Benton says:

    Hey did your cats poop smell with this brand? My kitten is on homemade raw right now and his poop smell is nonexistent. I’m looking to switch to prepared raw for convenience but don’t want to trade in if the poop will smell. Thank you

    • Pam Roussell says:

      My cats’ poop hardly smells. The interesting fact is that anytime you feed a raw diet the poop will have minimal odor and the cat will actually product much less poop, too. This is because it is highly digestible and there is little residue left. Furthermore, there are no fillers like corn, soy, wheat, beet pulp, saw dust, etc. that are used in dry foods that make the poop quite awful.

  2. Nancy Kurrack says:

    Our cat loves this food and we are moving from California to Indianapolis, IN.

    How can we buy it there? Do any pet food stores there carry it? Can it be shipped frozen?

    • Pam Roussell says:

      My best advice would be to locate a local natural pet food store in Indianopolis and inquire if they can special order it through their distributor for you.

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