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UTI Frustrations

Have you ever suffered from any kind of urinary tract infection? If so, you probably know how painful it can be!  Some cats are more susceptible than others, especially males.  With three males in my household the odds were clearly stacked against me.

Hershey developed a UTI last fall that was treated with UTI Free by Pet Alive, a blend of 3 different 100% homeopathic ingredients.

UTI Free by Pet Alive

UTI Free by Pet Alive

In addition I’d use Kidney Tone by Energetix because one thing I learned in a holistic health for animals class was that if you treat the bladder, you treat the kidneys.  They are “sister” organs in traditional Chinese Medicine.  To assist the lymphatic system in flushing everything out I also included Lymph Tone II, also by Energetix.  His protocol lasted several weeks until he was clear.  I used muscle testing to determine which products and how much of each he needed.

To our frustration, the UTI would re-surface a couple of weeks later.  Just this past March I noticed him going in and out of the litter box multiple times and sitting in the litter box without peeing.  Clearly  he was uncomfortable and probably miserable.  Fearing that there may be a blockage of some kind in the urinary tract, which can be life-threatening, I took him to the vet.  Luckily there was no blockage, and in order to put an end to the UTI quickly the doctor put him on Clavamox, an antibiotic.  I swear it wasn’t even a week after he has finished the medicine the UTI was back again!  This time the doctor put him on a long-term antibiotic called Convenia.  Guess what?  That one didn’t work either–the UTI came back!  I had a conversation with the doctor who recommended trying yet another drug called Veraflox.  I tried muscle testing this one, and the result was negative–it wasn’t going to clear up the infection either.  UGH.😫

Silver Shield and Rena Chord

Silver Shield and Rena Chord

I made an appointment at Heights of Health for Hershey and took him to see Sonya, one of the practitioners.  I also brought in a sample of his urine via a chunk of litter I scooped from his litter box.  She was able to do some research and test several different strains of bacteria that cause UTIs and finally determined which strain he had through muscle testing.   Next, we had to determine which products would get rid of it once and for all .  We ended up with two things:  Silver Shield, a colloidal silver product by  Nature’s Sunshine, and Rena Chord, a homeopathy by Energetix.  I’m happy to report he is three weeks into his protocol and seems to be doing very well.  We’ve got one more week to go…fingers crossed! 😺

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6 responses to “UTI Frustrations”

  1. Kelsey says:

    Hello this is very interesting. What is the dose for the remedies that worked ? My cat is having the same issues.

    • Pam Roussell says:

      Kelsey, I have an even better remedy than I used previously when this article was written. It’s a single homeopathic remedy called Cantharis 30C. It is sold in single tubes in natural grocery stores and online. Check for brands like Hylands or Boiron. Take 3 pellets and dissolve in about 1/3 cup of purified water. Take a syringe and measure out 1/2 ml. Give the cat 3 doses: am/pm/am or pm/am/pm. This usually does the trick but watch your cat’s behavior to make sure. You can also send me a photo of your cat after the 3rd dose and I’ll tell you if he/she needs another dose or not. 🙂

  2. Kelsey Wnek says:

    Thank you so much I will try this. We’ve switched his food for almost a year to raw Primal cat food. He is still peeing places. We’ve done a urinalysis several times. Vet doesn’t know what’s wrong. Is there anything I should do to know I am treating him properly?

  3. Pam Roussell says:

    I”m guessing at this point–if you know he doesn’t have a UTI–it’s probably an emotional issue. Is there another cat inside or outside that bothers him? Or any new changes going on that could be upsetting him? There’s a product I swear by that helps cats heal emotionally: Animal Relief Formula by It has helped numerous clients’ cats, including my own, stop urinary marking and inappropriate peeing.

  4. Kelsey Wnek says:

    We do have another cat. They play fight but then they sleep near each other. He doesn’t seem too stressed to me but our vet did suggest he could be. I really didn’t think that was it but could be. His ph was high last time we checked with vet. But it was the exact opposite 2 years before. Could be because we used to feed dry. Then we switched to raw nuggets and they may be too much water intake ?? I’m not sure ….. thank you for your help and input. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. I will give a try what you said !

    • Pam Roussell says:

      Read the Article “Resolving Jealousy in Cats Holistically.” I think your issue may be a jealousy/dominance problem. The product I recommend to try first is Animal Relief Formula by Usually does the trick. He may also benefit from a custom flower essence remedy if ARF doesn’t completely take care of the issue. Spray the ARF in bedding, water, on food, and spray in your hands and pet him all over. Wouldn’t hurt to use on the other cat, too. 4x/day until symptoms disappear. Then you can use it only when necessary.

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