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Viva Raw’s New Cat Recipes

Viva Raw cat food

Viva Raw Cat Food now has complete and balanced recipes!

Pam with Purrrfectly Holistic, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies and the founders of Viva Raw Pets sit down to talk about their new recipes for cats! We dive into how Viva Raw started out, why sourcing matters and the ingredients they use, palatability for cats, plus much more.

Get the full scoop and learn more in our video. You can also save 20% on your first order simply by following this link.

Our Purpose Comes From Those That Touch Our Heart.

To help cat owners learn about the options and benefits of natural, holistic health in order to not just live but to thrive. After all, our cats aren’t just pets...they’re family.

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Deanna is amazing. I’ve had Reiki done before, and her Reiki is on another level! Besides her skills and the value that you get out of the sessions, I appreciate how caring Deanna is. She checked up on me several times and went above and beyond to give helpful tips and insights. Such a beautiful soul and so glad to have found her. If you have had Reiki with others before, and want to see what a more powerful session is like…or are skeptical about it, I highly encourage you to try Deanna.”


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