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When My Cats In Spirit Visit

cats in spirit

The world of woo woo is a normal thing for me. Because everything is really about energy, the fact that our cats in spirit can and do visit us doesn’t spook me. In fact, it’s become a regular occurrence in our home.

My resident cats, Gunner and Aylen, are very sensitive to the energies of the in-spirit cats and are quick to inform me when someone is visiting. Gunner especially is very vocal, whining and crying to the point of being very distressed.

Aylen is more fearful. When a cat in spirit is present she will hide–under the bed, in the closet, under a chair. Other times she is very distressed and cries out for me.

This past week during one of the visitations it occurred to me that I should try to catch the orb or energy on camera. When that didn’t work, I switched to video. Boy was I amazed at what I saw! The first time it happened I got goose bumps and sat in amazement.

Below are three separate videos for each of the three kitties. I must admit, the videos sound really creepy when you slow them down! Perhaps that’s a bit appropriate given the situation!

Hershey in spirit appears at the 8 second mark
Lili in spirit appears at the 6,17 and 18 marks
Snowbear in spirit appears at the 0-1 and 3 second marks

If you have a pet in spirit and would like to know if it is visiting I suggest you give this a try! The best time to try is when you find yourself suddenly thinking about your pet, a memory pops up, or you see a sign of some kind. What I’ve learned is this is when our pets are here wanting to communicate with us!

It’s true that we very much miss having our pets with us to hold and cuddle; their physical presence is what we long to connect with again. The next best thing is knowing they are still with us, even if all we can see is their light.

Share in the comments below if you’ve tried this and what happened!

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