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Who is amused more…our cats or us?

The lengths we go to sometimes to entertain our cats!  Laughter is good for the soul, so the expression goes, and if you are owned by cats, there’s usually never a shortage of laughs in your home.

When Aylen kept dropping her sparkle balls on the gas stove top and “playing” with it by reaching through and around the grate surface.  (don’t worry–it wasn’t turned on!)  I had to come up with an alternative that would be 1.  much safer, and 2.  just as fun.  So I took an Amazon box and cut holes in it that I could drop her toys into, and she could entertain herself by trying to retrieve them.  It was a hit!  I showed a few friends, and Brittany was inspired to make one for her cats as well.  Give her credit for thinking on a much bigger scale than I did.  The result was hilarious!  Felix loves his new playhouse, and I almost cried I was laughing so hard.  Perhaps Felix and Aylen should have a play date!

What are some of your cats’ favorite toys?  Send me some photos or videos of some your funniest and share the laughs!

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