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Whole Life Originals Cat Treats

Whole Life Originals Cat Treats are great all natural cat treats.

Great All Natural Cat Treats

Treats!  It’s probably the second word our kitties learn, right after their name of course.  Their eyes get big like saucers and their ears point straight up–you’d think they had just won the lottery!  I guess, in a way, they always do.  They win our hearts and our love unconditionally.

The real deal

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a pet food company called Whole Life Pet Products, but this is one you can embrace.  The founder, John Gigliotti, was inspired to start his company because of his dogs.  Here’s what he says:

Back in 1995 I switched my dogs from a commercial food to an all natural diet and was amazed at their improved health.  They were leaner, had better skin and coat, less shedding, less allergies and just seemed healthier and happier.  My passion to share my experience with my own dogs turned into a long career devoted to the health and wellness of pets.  After spending 15 years as a retailer of natural pet products and having a growing concern about the safety of pet food and treats, I made a career change and found my true passion as a manufacturer.  In 2009, I started Whole Life® Pet Products with the mission to make the Highest Quality, Safest, Best Tasting Pet Treats and Food on Earth. 

He and his team of pet lovers have a philosophy called Farm to Friend®.  This means that all their products are 100% human grade.   “They are made in-house, from scratch, in small fresh batches daily.  We are totally transparent with our ingredient sourcing and we verify the safety of every batch we make every day.”  You can even check out their ingredient sources on their website here!

Quality and trust

Clearly, this company cares about quality, and they care about pets.  What we feed them truly matters and has such a huge impact on their long term health.  There’s nothing like having a pet food company you can really trust, and Whole Life Pet Products would love to earn yours.

How it’s made does matter

Made 100% in the USA, the cat treats come in four different flavors:  chicken, turkey, cod, and salmon.  The product is freeze-dried which avoids the loss of nutrients that results in high heat production.  No chemicals, preservatives, or additives are needed either!  The freeze-dried products are completely grain and gluten free and do not have any sugars, taste enhancers or additives.  Because the freeze drying takes place at 30-50 degrees below zero it locks in freshness.Cats love the taste of all natural cat treats like Whole Life Originals offers.

Begging may ensue

If you are interested in switching your cat over to a more natural, limited ingredient, human grade, or raw diet, offering freeze dried treats or using them as a food topper are great ways to begin.  Even if your kitty doesn’t seem interested at first, sooner or later the natural carnivore in him will appreciate fresh, raw meat.

Don’t worry if you can’t find these delicious, all natural cat treats in your local marketplace–you can always get them right here in The Boutique for Cats!

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