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You went out of town and LEFT us!

Let’s face it:  we adore our cats.  Leaving them behind while we go out of town or on a long vacation is heart-breaking, and I cry everytime I leave them.  But do they miss us?  What actually goes through their little minds when we leave?  Are they sad and lonely?  What I would give to read their thoughts! Every pet is probably different in their response to our absence.  Many years ago my husband and I went on vacation and a neighbor took care of the cats.  While Teri never missed a meal time for them, she evidently never ventured past the living room.  Upon our return I went into the office and found every single item that used to be on my desk scattered all over the floor!


My cats left us a welcome home present: a very messy office

 There wasn’t a shred of paper, pens, document holder, phone, etc, that escaped the wrath of the cats.  I stood in the doorway in disbelief and just had to laugh!  Do you have any funny stories to share about your cats when you travel?

My friend, Monica, recently went out of town for a weekend and asked her friends Denise and Brandon, who are actually “dog people” to cat-sit.  The following email was sent to Monica, and it was just too funny not to share! Thank you, Monica!

Dear Denise and Brandon,

There we were.
On a major Holiday, no less.
(Violin music here ….)

We had one paw on the telephone speed dial, ready to report Mo and Mo to the Humane Society for their atrocious abandonment, when you appeared, like guardian cat angels from the heavens.

Although we were shy, know that we are very grateful for your visit. Humans who know their way around a can opener are always welcome in this household, whether we deem to grace them with our physical presence at the time or not!

We are still deciding on Mo/Mo’s punishment and we will let you know when suitable measures have been taken.  As for now, they are still being held in the dog house until justice is served and enough expressions of guilt and promises to never to leave us again have been written down for us in blood, sweat, and tears along with pledges to give us their first-born children.  We do believe the debacle of last Friday shows they are most unfit for any sort of parenting – unlike the two of you, our cat sitting angels.

Again, thank you so much for checking in on us in our hour of need.  We are very grateful!


Emily and Mama Bear


Mama Bear



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