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A Conversation With Aylen


This past week I did an interactive animal communication with my cat Aylen and Nina, a communicator here at Purrrfectly Holistic. It had been many months since her previous session, and there were several different questions I wanted to ask her. These included her fear of the neighbors’ dogs, her frequent aversion to the raw food diet she eats, and why she doesn’t play with the kittens, Skylar and Breeze.

The answers she gave us really helped me understand things from her perspective. Plus, at times, she was pretty funny, too. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to write about what she shared with us.

Why does she insist on going outside even though she gets scared?

Before Nina could even finish asking this first question Aylen was already answering.

Pam doesn’t know how vicious those dogs are! They want to hurt me, and the way they growl and bark scares me.

I reassured her that the dogs behind the fences were barking at each other most of the time, not at her. In fact, they were probably unaware she was even in the yard more times than not. She loves being in the backyard in order to watch for the wild bunnies that visit. In fact, she sits in the flowerbed on a stone right next to the bunny hole in the fence. It’s an obsession for her! Despite the fear it creates, she endures because of her love of hunting the bunnies. When Nina asked her more about this, Aylen acknowledged that she knows she can’t catch the bunnies, but it’s a game they play. 🐰

Aylen sits by the bunny hole in the fence hoping for rabbit to appear.

Why don’t you play with the kittens?

Our next topic was the kittens. She shared that she likes her new family members, but their style of play is not hers. She prefers a sneak attack rather than chasing, hyper-mode, and bouncing off the furniture style that Skylar and Breeze are all about. This does ring true! She’s always had more of a “boop” and run away style of play.

She’s a Water Element cat

In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, she falls in line with the Water Element. These animals are a bit more fearful, shy, hide around strangers and like to retreat to a quiet, safe place. When we asked why she is this way her answer was pretty quick:

My father was a “fraidy” cat.

This led to the next topic of raw food aversion. When asked why she develops blocks to raw food (normally after she’s been scared and her vibration is low), she offered this explanation:

Sometimes raw food has an aggressive life force energy from the animals it came from.

I have heard that before an animal is slaughtered if there is a lot of fear, that essence stays in the meat. Apparently she picks up on this! Being so sensitive to fear herself, this is why I oftentimes have to do some energy clearing or say a prayer over her and her food before she will eat it.

What can I do to better support you?

One of the most insightful things we can always be sure to ask during a session is how our cat would like to be supported. Being the “middle” child now, she realizes that the kittens keep me pretty busy. However, she did request I do Reiki on her sacral chakra…three times a day. But it doesn’t have to be very long each time. She loves it when I “baby her”, too. I immediately knew what she meant. This used to be a daily routine every morning, and sadly, we no longer do this everyday. I would sit cradling her in my arms like a baby, scratching her head and face, while she purrs in pure contentment. This routine is now back on my radar.

She also shared that she needs a purpose, so we asked her what she had in mind.

Well, I know I’m well bred. I want to teach the kittens about bunnies!

This made me laugh! Yes, she is a Tonkinese after all. As for bunny school, I replied that the kittens were way too young to go outside.

Can they go outside in 2 weeks?

No, it would be a very long time. But perhaps she can teach them as they watch them from the windows!

It’s never too late to do an animal communication session with your cat–or any of your pets–even if they are in spirit. These conversations will be cherished forever and the bond it helps you build is simply priceless.

If you’re interested in exploring animal communication sessions, be sure to check out our communicators here.

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