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My friends call me the Cat mom – a person that is intuitive, an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a holistic health junkie.


Cat mom, fitness enthusiast, swimmer, holistic health seeker, yogi, aspiring gardener, a gentle spirit, lover of spirituality and entrepreneur.  These are just a few of the ways I would describe myself.  I was born in Houston, TX, and spent most of my childhood growing up in the small town of Magnolia, not too far from Houston.  With the exception of my first two years in college, I’ve always had cats as pets.  My first baby pictures show me as a newborn stuffed in a Christmas stocking with a beautiful white kitty sitting relaxed beside me. 

Evidently that experience left a lasting impression on me, and I’ve always felt a special connection to cats.  Longing to return to the big city I attended college at The University of Houston with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Marketing.  Pursuing a passion for fitness, I have spent over thirty five years in the industry.  Teaching group exercise and selling club memberships have taught me so much about relationship-building and providing exceptional service.

A foot injury that wouldn’t heal led me to seek alternative, holistic and natural medicine back in 2005, and it’s been quite a journey of discovery and learning ever since. As a board certified holistic health practitioner and a Professional Mind Body Spirit Release practitioner, I have studied holistic health for animals, animal communication and have a Level 2 Reiki certification. I also teach muscle testing and color therapy workshops and enjoy my role as an intuitive, educator and energy healer for cats.  In my home life I am a devoted servant to my four cats, Gunner, Aylen, Skylar and Breeze.  


Hershey, born August 19, 2001, was a natural mink Tonkinese.  He was truly a “momma’s boy” and adored his mom.  We often joked that he must have been royalty in a past life and somehow never forgot this.  He loved to be carried, held, and cuddled–all the time.  Demanding to be waited on hand and foot, he was happy to let us know when his expectations were not being met.  We would laugh as he wailed loudly from any room that helped amplify his voice. 

Meet Hershey.

He was the top cat in our household and was quick to remind the twins whenever they bothered him.  By far one of the smartest cats we ever had, he loved playing with string and even taught himself how to fetch as a kitten.  Even as he aged he still enjoyed running wind-sprints throughout the house and batting around the toy mice.  On July 7th, 2018, just a few weeks shy of his seventeenth birthday, he passed away peacefully while being cuddled in mom’s arms. Without a doubt he was Pam’s soulmate kitty.


Lili was born July 16, 2006, is a lilac mink tortie Tonkinese.  Without a doubt, she adores her daddy and has him completely smitten with her.  Her quiet and gentle personality lends her to be a bit shy, but she is very self entertaining and spends hours daily playing with her favorite yellow ball.  For a tiny girl, only 7 pounds, she has a loud voice. 

Meet Lili.

During playtime she proudly lets us know what an accomplished athlete and ball handler she is.  Her affectionate personality sticks to you.  For this reason daddy has nicknamed her Fungus because “she grows on you.”  She prefers to spend the day hanging out in daddy’s office in her own chair complete with a soft, comfy bed, right next to dad.  At age 15 1/2, Lili passed away after a long, happy life.

Rocket and Gunner

Rocket and Gunner, born June 24, 2008, are champagne mink Tonkinese twins.  Upon seeing a baby picture of them together we realized they couldn’t be separated.   They are both big talkers and love to be where the action is.  Not only are they inseparable, but they have a spiritual connection.  We laugh at how they mirror each other when they sit, sleep, or just hang out.  Not surprisingly, they are full of mischief, and their energy feeds off each other. 

Meet Rocket and Gunner

Despite their naughty side they are very affectionate and love carried and cuddled.  They love people and welcome everyone who comes to visit.  Their intelligence and sense of adventure has always been fun to watch, especially when they play chase on their cat-walk in the living room.  To enhance their indoor lives, they use a kitty door to access the interior courtyard where they spend hours sunbathing during the warmer months.  Not exactly the normal size Tonks, they weigh around 11 pounds and seem giants compared to the other cats.  Sadly, we lost Rocket to renal lymphoma on March 28, 2021. 


Aylen, born July 31, 2015, is the newest baby to join the family.  She too is a champagne mink Tonkinese, and her name means “happiness” in the native American Mapuche Indian tribe.  She is such a little tom boy, and gives the twins a run for their money.  Confident and fearless, she has no concept of how small she is.  She loves to cuddle, especially at night, in mom’s arms and always wants to be wherever her family is. 

Meet Aylen.

To see her blossom and grow is such a joy.  Despite her naughtiness, her persistent cuteness has won over the hearts of the other furry family members and social media fans.  Surprisingly she encourages the twins to play more and keeps everyone on their toes.  Playing fetch with her preferred sparkle ball is by far her favorite game.  She enjoys chomping on raw quail wings but must have crazy time before any meal.  The happiness she has restored to our home is long overdue by the loss of Snowbear.


It took me a year, but I finally manifested the newest additions to my family. Half-sister to Breeze and Blue Point Tonkinese, Skylar is my Fire Element cat who is no match for the energizer bunny. Her passion is playing. All. Day. Long. Everything is a toy, her curiosity knows no bounds, and she is fascinated by water. She has jumped into both the toilet and the shower which didn’t quite work out as she expected!

Meet Skylar.

The essence of Hershey, her sweet, charming personality demands attention while insisting to be held by launching herself onto me with little to no warning. Bouncing off the walls and furniture, her energy never runs out. She’s definitely the dominant personality, and even Aylen is easily scared by the way she darts around out of control. Yet at the same time, she is submissive and reluctantly gives Aylen her space.


Love bug, Champagne Mink Tonkinese, and half-sister to Skylar, Breeze embodies the essence of Snowbear. Her gentle, sweet, loving spirit seeks me out for daily cuddle sessions. A bit more reserved, she also enjoys playing but often gets overrun by her over-eager sister. She is fastidious about bathing just like Snowbear, and is highly food motivated.

Meet Breeze.

Her favorite past time is watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies outside at the bird feeder. In fact, she gets pretty animated and quite vocal “speaking” to them! She’s the perfect balance of energy for Skylar, and they are the bonded pair that completes our family.

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To help cat owners learn about the options and benefits of natural, holistic health in order to not just live but to thrive. After all, our cats aren’t just pets...they’re family.

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