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Allergic Dermatitis In Cats: Yuri’s Story

Skin disease in cats


Cats With Skin Disease

There’s nothing much worse than watching your precious kitty suffer from a disease that can’t be figured out.  We rely on veterinarians’ knowledge and expertise to help our cats stay healthy and happy, so what do you do when you’re told there’s nothing more they can do to help you?   This is exactly what happened to one of my clients recently.  She reached out to me online with the hope that somehow I could help her cat, Yuri, who had been diagnosed with a skin disease.  Allergic dermatitis in cats can be a serious, debilitating disease that can have mysterious causes.

Yuri’s story

Meet Yuri.  She’s an adorable 15 month old tabby kitty who lives in Melbourne, Australia.  Her mom, Anna, adopted her from a local shelter when she about 3 months old.  Shortly after that she was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Then she started to itch and scratch her ears and eye areas; she also developed feline acne.  Thus began a year long journey of vet visits and numerous attempts to treat Yuri’s symptoms.  This included three rounds of steroids, antibiotics, hypo-allergenic diets, attempts at an elimination diet, and even applications of Revolution (for fleas and mites) even though she didn’t have fleas and was strictly an indoor cat.  At the end of the day she was diagnosed with an allergic skin disease, and her condition only worsened.  Anna even tried supplements for liver and immune system support but didn’t get any results.  To make matters worse she has to wear an e-collar all the time to prevent her from scratching her face.  This was no life for a young, sweet kitty, and her parents have sacrificed time, lots of money, and holiday vacations over the past year in order to care for her.Skin disease in cats

As Anna was describing her ordeal and Yuri’s health history warning bells started going off in my head.   There were several things that immediately stood out to me:

  • One vet prescribed Royal Canin Hypoallergenic dry food but it made her condition much worse
  • She appeared very underweight and lethargic after her spay surgery (before adoption) 
  • She was vaccinated at the shelter at a very young age
  • The attempts at a hypo-allergenic diet made her skin condition worse
  • Revolution applications were recommended even though she lived indoors

A holistic evaluation

The first thing I did was energy test with a pendulum to see if I could narrow down the cause of her itching.  Here’s what I found:

  1. Food:  she was sensitive to crocodile and bison proteins, as well as corn products, wheat products and gluten (from the kibble and Royal Canin food)  This was the secondary cause of her condition.
  2. Environmental:  nothing came up
  3. Vaccines:  this was the strongest response to the energy testing which indicated to me that this was the primary cause of her symptoms.
  4. No emotional sensitivities were found.
  5. Revolution treatments.  These tested to be extremely toxic to her.

The next thing I did was research the type of vaccine she received and read the manufacturer’s label.  This vaccine was a 3-in-1 combo for Feline Enteritis, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Feline Calicivirus.  According to the label it is only recommend for cats or kittens 8 weeks of age or older, and her vaccine records shows she received it at 6 weeks of age.  I almost cried.  She was too small at the time, and the damage from the inactive viruses and the mercury preservative (thiomersal) in the vaccine were too much for her delicate immune system to handle.  This caused it to overreact and led to a condition called vaccinosis.  

Charles Loops, DVM, defines vaccinosis as “a disease syndrome caused by a weakness that is precipitated by vaccination. It is becoming rampant in the dog and cat population. … The onset of the symptoms is associated with the date of vaccination in many cases.”

Symptoms that indicate vaccinosis usually manifest 30 days after the vaccine is given and include ear infections, yeasty ears, skin eruptions and severe itching/scratching.  Based on these facts Yuri’s case almost seemed a “textbook example.”

Helping Yuri Heal

Using an energy medicine technique called ECR (energetic cellular release) I was able to clear her body of sensitivities to the corn products, wheat, gluten, crocodile, vaccines, inflammation, Revolution and dermatitis.  This essentially “retrains” her cells to no longer have a reaction to these items when exposed.  However, ECR in itself was not enough for her to heal.  Her body needed a remedy for the vaccinosis, immune system support, liver detox, and probiotics.  Homeopathy shines when it comes to helping pets heal from vaccine damage.  Energy testing revealed Mezereum 200c and Sulphur 30c were the ideal remedies; they would be taken separately over the course of six weeks.  

The other products she energy tested well for included:

  1.  Animal Essential Detox Blend for her liver
  2. Colloidal silver for her immune system
  3. Complete Probiotics for Pets

Another thing I have learned holistic vets I follow is this:  never re-vaccinate a pet who has had any kind of adverse reaction to a vaccine.  Therefore, I passed that advice on to Anna.  It saddened me as I realized that the doctor who administered Yuri’s vaccine when she was too young apparently never thought to read the label.  All this suffering could have been avoided.  Rather than wasting energy blaming the veterinarian who made the egregious error, Anna chose to focus instead on helping Yuri heal.  She is now feeding her a raw meat-based diet and giving Yuri’s body the tools it needs to heal itself.  

Progress report:  happy tears

I received an update from Anna on Yuri a couple of days after doing ECR, and this is what she wrote:

Hi Pam,

I read your analysis and the copy of the vaccine label.  It broke my heart to learn that they gave the vaccine to her when she was so little and weak.  But then I decided not to blame people, what is done is done, and I will just use my energy to get Yuri better.  We always thought that Yuri had something more than food sensitivity but just did not know what, and it really makes sense to us. We are so grateful for your wonderful work.

Yuri is running around a lot today, more energetic than before. She is still a bit itchy, but seems definitively happier, more alert, her eyes bright and focused.  As nothing has changed in her diet or environment, I am sure it is you who made this change in her.  It is truly fascinating.

Warm regards,


Cat healthAs I read her words I got goose bumps, and my eyes began to tear- up.  This progress report was amazing and already giving Anna new hope!  This news truly warmed my heart and reaffirmed my passion and purpose.  I’ll continue to monitor Yuri’s progress and look forward to her enjoying a long, healthy and happy life.

Has your kitty been dealing with a mysterious illness or disease that has your vet scratching his head?  Consider having an Optimal Cat Health Analysis done; it may help you find some answers!  

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