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Cat Cancer: A Cure Your Vet Probably Won’t Tell You About

The role of real food in reversing cancer in pets

Cancer in Cats

It’s no secret that cat cancer is on the rise.  While the cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar one, there are lots of corporations out there, including Big Pharma, veterinary oncologists, and even major commercial pet food companies that would stand to lose these profits if peoples’ pets didn’t need them anymore.  In fact, it’s all TOO common for these powerful, influential corporations to discredit, bully, squash and even buy out the smaller, independent companies or voices of truth that stand in their way.  One of the biggest issues at stake is the quality of pet food.  The kind of food you feed your cat really does influence whether they will be thriving and healthy or sick and diseased.  

Is There a Cancer-Pet Feed Connection?

There’s a huge difference between pet “food” and pet “feed.”  According to Susan Thixton, pet food safety advocate and author at,

Most pet ‘foods’ are not food, they are feed. These products are labeled as ‘food’, include pictures of ‘food’ on the label – but these labels are lying to consumers.  Most pet ‘foods’ are feed.

Pet feed (labeled as food) is allowed by FDA and each State Department of Agriculture to include waste ingredients such as meats sourced from diseased animals or dead/non-slaughtered animal carcasses. The legal definition of feed even states feed abides by law…unless it doesn’t abide by law (allowed by state or federal agencies). (

Susan, along with myself and many other experts, believe that feed grade ingredients are significantly contributing to the cause of diseases in pets, including cancers, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Real food–human grade food–has life changing properties and benefits, both for pets and people.  It is scientifically proven!  I realize that preparing a Does your cat's food contain unhealthy ingredients?homemade or fresh diet for your cat may not be possible, affordable or in your interest, but there are lots of human grade commercial cat foods on the market, including raw diets for cats, and there are mix-in complete diet products that you can add to fresh meat from the grocery store, too.  Offering your kitty SOME real food is better than offering none. 

Unfortunately you cannot always trust a manufacturer’s website with their claims pertaining to the quality of the food.  Website claims are not regulated.  On the other hand, pet food labels with “human grade food” claims ARE regulated.  The exception is raw pet food – which currently is not allowed to make a human grade claim. To verify the raw pet ‘food’ is actually food – ask the manufacturer if the product is “manufactured under constant USDA inspection”.

The Truth About Pet Cancer

In Susan’s newsletter this week she highlighted some new and exciting developments in the area of curing cancer in pets!  It features my favorite holistic vet, Dr. Karen Becker.  She has teamed up with film director Rodney Habib, and together they have traveled the world over the past two years speaking with and filming dog cancer experts.  They are about to release a dog cancer documentary series on October 17th called The Truth About Pet Cancer.  You can sign up for more information here:

Here’s a sneak peak about what Dr. Becker and Rodney Habib learned over the past two years and what their upcoming series will reveal.  Granted, the two videos feature dogs but proper nutrition’s influence on true health transcends species. 


Steps To Take If Your Cat Has Cancer

If your cat has been diagnosed with some type of cancer I highly recommend you watch the upcoming documentary series AND take immediate steps to switch your cat to a species appropriate diet made from fresh, raw, freeze-dried or cooked human grade ingredients.  Your cat is an obligate carnivore and needs to eat meat–no grains, starches, or legumes!  Ditch the kibble and veterinary prescription diets; stop buying your cat’s food in the grocery store aisle; supplement with products to build his immune system, and remove any and all sources of toxic exposure including flea and pest products as well as all vaccinations.  (Did you know that vaccinations are contraindicated for any sick animal?)  Sadly, even the WebMD for pets website doesn’t even mention diet or nutrition anywhere in their article on cats and cancer.  Instead, it encourages surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and none of these address the cause, only a way to treat the symptoms!  Their methods only serve to weaken a cat’s immune system and try to put a band aid on the disease.  In fact, they offer little hope for chance of survival.

If these videos do not leave you with a sense of excitement and hope that cancer (among other diseases) doesn’t have to dictate the end of your cat’s life I don’t know what will!  I cannot wait to watch this series! 

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