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Cat Health: Overcoming Emotional Trauma

Flower essences can treat emotional trauma in cats

Cats rescued during Hurricane Harvey

Cat health:  Has your cat been through a traumatic experience?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week you’ve probably been watching the news coverage of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath along the Texas coast.  I live in Houston, and I can only describe the devastation of flooding as inconceivable.  It is simply too great to even find the right words.  Not only have tens of thousands of people been displaced but family pets, too.  Many of these flood victims have lost everything and were lucky to escape with the clothes on their backs, their family, and their pets.  The experience may leave both people and pets with psychological trauma. 

Cats are very sensitive creatures who like routine (much like people).  When storms like Harvey displace them from these comforts it can be very traumatic.  They are living in shelters or homes with or without their owners, eating different food, experiencing different smells and being cared for by strangers in some cases.  Their world has been turned upside down, and they are confused and scared.  It was heart-breaking to watch cats be carried out, many soaking wet, in cages and kennels.  At the same time it was heart-warming to see that people refused to leave their kitties behind!

Flower essences effectively treat emotional health in cats.Meeting the basic needs of food and shelter are the easiest to be addressed.  However, mental and emotional healing is paramount in these situations!   You do NOT need to put your cat on a toxic drug with dangerous side effects!  This will only mask the issue and not deal with the true cause.  In order to facilitate healing on an emotional level the best tools are flower essence remedies.  These remedies treat negative emotions which if left unresolved can manifest into physical symptoms.  These remedies are so effective that in many cases you can see improvements just moments after dosing. 

How do you use flower essence remedies?

Normally you would select no more than 5 remedies.  In order to determine which remedies are the best for your cat you would need to muscle test.  Once you have your selection you put 2 drops of each remedy into an empty 1 oz bottle; then  you would fill the rest of the bottle with purified or spring water.  Put 4 drops of your dilution in your cat’s water or food, rub on their face, nose or mouth area, or rub on their fur.  To use with a an 8 oz spray bottle you’ll add 30 drops of each remedy.  Best practice is to repeat this 4 times per day until you feel the kitty no longer needs it.  You’ll know by your cat’s behavior!Flower essences are very effective to use with cats who have been through traumatic circumstances

Here are a few suggestions if you have a cat that’s been through a traumatic experience:

  • Abandonment (neglected, hopeless, fearful):  Holly, Mimulus, Gorse
  • Accidents (trauma, shock):  Larch, Mimulus, Star of Bethlehem, or Rescue Remedy
  • Anxiety (nervous conditions):  Impatiens, Rock Rose, Vervain
  • Caged/Confined (confined too long, neglected):  Wild Rose or Rescue Remedy
  • Calming:  Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy
  • Change of Owners:  Walnut, Rock Water, or Rescue Remedy
  • Clingy Behavior (insecure, in your lap, constantly under foot):  Chicory, Heather
  • Fatigue or Tiredness (body/mind lack strength):  Hornbeam
  • Fear:  Unknown fears, phobias:  Aspen — Known fears, thunder, people:  Mimulus
  • Grief (loss of baby, owner, mate):  Honeysuckle, Water Violet
  • Howling:  Beech, Heather, Vervain
  • Hysterical (terror, panic):  Cherry Plum, Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy
  • Terror/Panic (after accident/injury/fire):  Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy
  • Shock/Trauma/Surgery:  Star of Bethlehem or Rescue Remedy
  • Withdrawal (prefers to hide in isolation):  Water Violet

Hurricane Harvey may be gone, but down here in Texas it will never be forgotten.  The aftermath of the storm will last for months if not years as people rebuild their lives and homes.   It is my sincere wish that all the victims of this storm–including kitties–will experience the love and support of fellow Houstonians, Texans, and people all over the world.   Flower essence remedies are a great way to give cats (and people) the support to heal mentally and emotionally.

The Boutique for Cats now offers Bach Flower Remedies!  You can match your cat’s symptoms with the remedy that’s best suited for it. 

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