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Cat Health Tips For The New Year

Cat health tips

Photo credit: Pixabay

In a few short hours 2018 will come to a close, and we usher in a new year.  For my family and I it’s been quite a challenging year, and I’m ready for a new, fresh start.  Besides losing my dad and my soulmate kitty, Hershey, we faced a few other very challenging circumstances.  Thank goodness I actually had a couple of highlights, too, and I’m so grateful for those!  Counting our blessings today I’m so thankful that we are all healthy, and we didn’t face any other cat emergencies this past year.  

My best cat health tips

While I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions, I do think it’s wise to have goals.  In working toward these goals you must have a plan–and then follow it!  If you would like to make 2019 a great year for your cat here are my best cat health tips.  By making these changes your cat can be healthier and happier, and your vet bills can be lower, too!  How many of these are you already doing?

Improve your cat’s menu

We all know that cats are carnivores, yet it surprises me that so many cat parents still feed their cats kibble.  Kibble is loaded with carbohydrates, and these contribute to obesity, inflammation, and a host of illnesses and diseases, including diabetes, pancreatitis, lymphoma and even cancer.  Make it your goal to eliminate kibble for good this year.  Get your cat on a meal schedule, and forget the free-feeding.  

A meat-based diet–preferably raw, lightly cooked, freeze-dried, or human grade canned food that contains less than 7% total carbohydrate is what your cat needs to thrive.  It may be a bit more expensive but in the end it will more than pay for itself when you don’t have to spend money on vet bills, medications, surgery, prescription diet food and the never-ending cycle of treating chronic disease. 

Want to dive deeper and learn how to read cat food labels or perhaps just learn more about proper feline nutrition?  Check out this page.

pet fountains

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If your cat is eating a wet diet she’s already consuming more water than she would be on a dry food diet.  If not, your cat may be in a constant state of dehydration, and this causes more stress on the kidneys.  Because cats are extremely sensitive to fluoride and chemicals found in tap water, offer water that’s been purified or filtered to removed as many of these as possible.  Many cats also prefer moving water rather than stagnant water.  Therefore, using a pet fountain can encourage cats to drink more. 


If your cat stays indoors it’s highly unlikely she will get fleas or heart worms, so why use them?  If you have other pets who go outside and worry about pests explore safer, non-toxic products like diatomaceous earth or herbal collars that offer great protection. 

Toxic loads can easily be traced to chemical cleaners, pesticides, fire-retardant chemicals in furniture, carpets and bedding, as well as prescription drugs.  There are so many natural, safer, and effective products on the market today that won’t harm your pets–or you for that matter–so consider swapping out the toxic ones.  Using a liver detox product for pets like milk thistle once a year can be a very effective way to help the liver unload the toxic buildup and optimize its function.

Best interactive cat toys

Get your kitty moving!

Exercise is essential to well-being and health.  It’s also great for relieving boredom, promoting weight loss, and keeping cats emotionally stimulated.  Some cats are happy to play with toys by themselves; others may prefer interactive toys.  Some cats can be leash-trained and enjoy going for walks outside.  The key is discovering what motivates and brings enjoyment to your kitty.  Setting aside 15-20 minutes at least once a day for play and exercise will work wonders.  

Avoid over-vaccination

The veterinary world is notorious for over-vaccinating pets as their profits are tied to this practice.  Vaccines are not risk-free, and manufacturers actually indemnify themselves from vaccine damage.  If your cat is an indoor kitty her risk of being exposed to diseases that cats are vaccinated for is extremely low.  Therefore, many holistic and integrative vets recommend analyzing this risk before re-vaccinating.  If in doubt, ask your vet to do a titer test to determine immunity.  

If you do need to re-vaccinate be sure to give only one vaccine at a time, not a combo vaccine.  The risks are just too great for an adverse reaction and even death.  Also, know that many vaccine labels recommend once every three years, not annually.  Don’t be intimidated by your vet; ask questions and be ready to take your business elsewhere if you are bullied or pressured in any way.  

muscle testing for cats

Need more direction?

If your cat has some health challenges, is a picky eater, or has some emotional baggage and you’d love some additional guidance, consider purchasing an Optimal Cat Health Analysis.  I work with clients remotely and use muscle testing to help assess and address a cat’s needs, regardless if they are physical or emotional.  It’s a holistic approach to getting your cat’s health and well-being pointed in the right direction.  Here are some of the questions I can help address:

  • What kind of diet and proteins are best for your cat?
  • Does your cat have any sensitivities (food, emotions, body systems, organs, etc) that need identified and addressed?
  • Does your cat need any supplements?  If so, how much should give?  How often?
  • Is your cat’s medication working for your cat’s highest and best good?
  • Which holistic health modalities would be best for your cat’s health issue?
  • Are there ingredients in your cat’s food that are not beneficial or contributing to a health issue?
  • Does your cat have a chronic health condition that isn’t getting better using conventional methods?

Making small changes like the ones above can result in huge, positive results in your cat’s overall health and well-being.  Start today with a commitment to make 2019 a great year for your cat! 

What kind of positive changes have you made for your cat?  Share in the comments below!






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