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Communicating With Animals…A Spiritual Connection

Communicating with animals

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Animals are in our lives for a reason

If you’re reading this blog chances are pretty good that you’re passionate about cats.  Can you image a world without them?  Or without any animals, for that matter?  Life wouldn’t be the same, and I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.  Animals remind us what it’s like to be innocent; to show and give love unconditionally; to live care-free.  Beneath all that there’s a spirit, a soul-connection, that longs to speak to us, to teach us things and guide us on our life’s journey. Communicating with animals is that bridge, and it’s the real deal.  No smoke and mirrors, no gimmicks, just the heart and soul of one living, conscious being connecting to another.  



Communicating with animals is possible!

We all have the ability to communicate with animals.  In fact, we can speak to more than just animals.  We can speak to plants, rivers, rocks, mountains…Our human selves just have to be re-taught.  We’ve moved from a spiritual society to one that is consumed with stimulus and distraction.  We used to be in tune with our higher consciousness, but somehow we lost that connection as society evolved into one where the tangible and physical world dominated.  Once we learn how to connect to that spiritual side again we can communicate telepathically without the limits of space and time.

Our pets, who know us better than anyone else, can be our best teachers and guides.  They have so much wisdom and love to share with us, so why are we not tapping in to this?  It can be life-changing!  I took a couple of animal communication workshops with The Lightfoot Way, and it helped me to heal after losing my cat Snowbear.  I learned that even though he had crossed over we could still talk and continue our relationship.  Despite feeling tremendous sorrow and guilt over his death he told me it wasn’t my fault; it was simply his time to go, and his new role of leading me in my life’s journey could then begin. 

True stories 

Lori Diebold, who was the Animal Communicator at one time and now Reiki Master at Purrrfectly Holistic, has had some amazing sessions with her clients.  She shared a few anecdotes with me the other day that were so amazing!

I spoke with a dog awhile ago, and the dog came to me two months later saying, “Mom needs help.”  I called the woman and she was severely depressed.  The angels and I helped her to release some heavy energy that she was carrying.  I even spoke with her deceased mom and gave her messages of love that really helped her.  The dog got mom help!!

In another case a cat was acting out by scratching and didn’t want to be touched.  I found out that the cat was taking on the mom’s pain for her.  I explained to the kitty that she didn’t have to do that, and the owner said that the cat started acting better the minute the session was over!

I also spoke with a dog who showed me an image of someone grabbing his back legs like a wheel barrel and making him walk on his front feet.  I asked the owner if she did that, and after doing some checking, she told me that she didn’t realize her two young kids were doing that to him on occasion.  He let me know that it frightened him.

In another funny story about a cat, the pet parent wanted to know why she would go in the kitchen and meow and meow.  The cat told me that she wanted meat and cheese.  When I asked the owner she laughed so hard and said that she feeds the dogs meat and cheese every morning before work.  Apparently the cat wanted the meat and cheese too!!

I also had the privilege to speak to cat while he was crossing over.  I was able to give loving messages to the owner and also help the cat feel calmer about his transition.  I could see him stepping out of his body and rubbing against her legs and then going back into his body as he was preparing to leave his body for good.  It was such a blessing to be the bridge between the two of them and help in such a time of need and sadness.

I have spoken to several animals who gave advice to their owners about taking time for themselves, relaxing more and following their heart instead of being stuck or stagnant in their current life situation.

What is your pet’s role?

Animal communication gives great insight to the purpose pets play in our lives.  “In all of my experience I have found that our pets are in our lives to help us. Sometimes it’s just to open our heart more and feel love when we look at them. Other times it is to make us laugh and be more light hearted.  Or they are here to help absorb our negative energy. The most important thing for everyone to remember is that our animals come into our lives for a purpose and we are to be so grateful for each and everyone of them.”

Does your cat have a message for you?  Are there questions you have for your cat?  Consider doing an Animal Communication session and find out answers to your questions and more!

If you’ve used animal communication before, what message did your pet have for you?  Share in the comments!  

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Nikko fell off the bed, and his left shoulder and leg got hurt. He couldn’t walk. I did remote Reiki for him, and immediately after (1 hour), he was back to walking around! He is on the move! Walking! He was not walking earlier!!!… He is on the move again!!😂 Thank you, LOVE! Thank you so much!!! The healing was an amazing success!!!!!

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