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Complicated Congestion

Alternative health methods to try when your cat gets nasal congestion.

Stuffed Up: Nasal congestion in cats

Chances are you’ve come down with a summer time cold that throws your sinuses out of whack until everything clears up.  When you can’t breathe through your nose it can be downright miserable, so you reach for the remedy of choice to help you treat symptoms until normal breathing is finally restored.  Now imagine you are a cat!  What do you do when your cat has nasal congestion?  In our household we don’t run off to the vet unless it’s a serious situation (like Lili’s kidney issues).  I like to try natural solutions first, and this involves a little research online and sometimes a trip to the Naturopath. 

Back in June

Right after we returned from our vacation in Colorado last June summer time had officially arrived here in Houston.  The days were very warm, the sun was shining, and the weather was irresistible to Rocket.  Perhaps he’d had enough of the cold weather in Lyons, but his new “regular” routine was spending hours everyday in our enclosed courtyard.  He had his favorite chair and cat scratcher out there along with a kitty door so he could come indoors at any time.  We would laugh at his sleeping positions and joke that he had become a true sun worshiper!  It didn’t matter that the temperature was 98 degrees or more.  He loves hot weather!  A few weeks passed, and I started to notice that he sounded a tiny bit “nasaly” or congested.  He had no other symptoms; no sneezing, no runny nose, never lost his appetite…he felt fine–just congested.  Not sure what was causing it, I started doing a little research to see if I could help him clear it up.  Little did I know that this was going to be no easy fix.

Trial and Error

Using information I found on Dr. Karen Becker’s site for treating respiratory issues our Naturopath and I started muscle testing him for possible remedies.  After working with him energetically we started with Core Pau d’Arco Blend by Energetix along with a lymphatic support to help clear things out.  Weeks went by, and I noticed no difference.  I finally decided to take him to our veterinarian for a check up.  Her first words to me were, “This condition is very hard to clear up.”  Great.  😬😣 He passed the exam with flying colors, and after muscle testing several of her recommended remedies, (and no, she didn’t look at me like I had two heads, thank goodness!), we settled on a Lysine supplement and a Chinese herbal remedy.  Feeling hopeful we headed home.  More weeks passed…NO change.  UGH.  I finally reached out by email to my friend and holistic vet, Dr. Will Falconer, and asked his opinion.  He suggested the only way to truly get results would be to seek out a veterinary homeopath.  Therefore, I got on the internet again and looked up the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.

Why Homeopathy?

Samuel Hahnemann created homeopathy, a system of alternative medicine in the late 1700’s, after discovering that substances that caused specific symptoms and effects in healthy people would also cure those same symptoms in sick people using very small doses, formulating the “law of similars.”  According to the AVH website, “Homeopathy is a holistic discipline, and the principles of good health such as diet, exercise and removal of stresses are also part of the process or restoring health.  Veterinarians who practice classical homeopathy according to academy standards have found that many otherwise chronically ill patients can be restored to health. They have also found that homeopathy can rapidly and gently treat a diverse array of acute conditions from traumatic injuries to infections and poisonings. Veterinarians who practice homeopathy have found it to be a gentle, safe and effective medical system which offers a true cure to many patients.”

Enter Dr. Jan

Rocket and Gunner

As it turns out, I came across the name of a holistic veterinarian I met while on a trip to the greater Denver named Dr. Jan Fascinelli.  She is truly dedicated to curing pets from a holistic approach, and immediately I felt comfortable knowing Rocket would be in good hands.  We set up a phone consultation, and I gave her the background on Rocket, his condition, symptoms, demeanor, and overall evaluation so that she could start narrowing down possible remedies.  The first one we tried, Silicea, didn’t work, so we explored other possibilities and found Calcarea Carbonica, a mineral found in oyster shells, chalk, pearls, marble, limestone and coral.

The Method

Calc carb is a homeopathic remedy for feline nasal congestion or polyps.I dissolved three pellets in purified water and then gave Rocket 1/2 ml via syringe.  He was given a dose at mealtime for three consecutive meals,  and then we waited to see what happened.  Did he sound better?  YES!  Then a few days later he started to sound congested again, so Dr. Jan coached me when to go ahead administer another dose and how to wait and observe.  I can honestly say we are finally making progress!!   His doses are getting further apart and the effects are lasting longer and longer.  When in doubt I just muscle test to see if he needs another dose.

Getting Results

I’m so happy–and I’m sure Rocket is, too, that he can finally breathe through his nose without congestion.  And the poor boy doesn’t have to sleep with his chin propped up on the edge of the cat bed!  Does your cat have a condition or disease that your traditional vet isn’t having success curing?  Consider doing a consultation with a veterinary homeopath like Dr. Fascinelli.  If you have other questions about holistic health please contact me directly or leave a comment below!

Editor’s note:  You can read more about Rocket’s journey with nasal congestion and ultimate outcome here.

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