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Convalescence Cat Tips

convalescence for cats


If you’re like me, I feel stress whenever one of my cats has to have any kind of surgery or procedure.  Nevertheless, sometimes it’s necessary, like spaying/neutering or dental cleaning.  To aid in the recovery, or convalescence, there are several things we can do holistically to help.

Convalescence for cats:  Thom’s story 

One of my cat clients, Thom, had a much needed dental procedure this week.  Our journey together began months ago, and it’s no small miracle that he was finally able to undergo this week’s procedure.  Perhaps the biggest key to his convalescence came as a surprise to both his mom, Barbara, and myself.  I hope you find his story inspiring.

Thom had a list of health challenges, including FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus),  chronic allergic rhinitis, asthma, weepy eye, and a small soft mass around his lower jaw.  He was also a victim of over-vaccination from too many FVRCP vaccines prior to adoption.  Fortunately, Barbara was already using numerous nutraceuticals and immune building supplements along with daily EFT sessions. 

Working together over several months we implemented a game plan:  a vaccine detox protocol, eliminating all “hot” foods from his diet (like chicken), adding an omega 3 supplement, and using homeopathy to address his allergic rhinitis symptoms.  I also addressed his emotional wellbeing by energetically releasing many trapped emotions.  Slowly he began to improve!  Over the course of several months the list of supplements shrank as his body no longer needed them.  In fact, he simply began refusing to take them, which is how some cats “tell” their owners when things are no longer necessary.  

Convalescence: post-op

Just recently he began displaying signs of pain in his mouth and he began eating less, so Barbara knew the dental surgery was the next step.  Fortunately, his asthma symptoms finally disappeared the vet agreed to proceed with the surgery.  I’ll let her continue the story below in the email she sent:

HI Pam,
I just picked up Thom from his dental surgery.  He smells like a chemical mine-field but he is upright and semi-alert.  He had to have only 2 teeth extracted, and his gums cleaned up,  but during the surgery, the vet found the remnants of the mass in his mouth which we have successfully reduced in size over the last year.  It started out over 1 cm and now is .1 cm. He said it had roots and should come out. I was so conflicted but he said it should be removed, and he could get the roots and all, and that it was best so it would not spread.  My feeling was the opposite due to the research I have seen that if it is cancerous, disturbing the area surgically could cause the cancer to spread, and it is isn’t cancerous, it could cause it to become cancerous.  I had to make a quick decision so I told him okay.  I pray it will be okay!
This vet has been practicing for 50 years and is open to holistic treatments (which is more than I can say for the other nine vets I interviewed before finding him) and was just lovely with Thom. He said his wife is all holistic and won’t go to a conventional doctor about which he is unhappy because in his opinion, you just need conventional care since holistic treatment has its limits.  I told him I was the same way and that I did not take drugs, only supplements and holistic therapies.

Proof of progress!

He was very impressed with Thom’s health especially for a kitty with FIV.   I brought Thom’s health records and a list of the supplements he has been taking. I told him about your energy work and my twice daily EFT sessions for Thom, and he did not look at me like I had horns!   He said he could not hear any wheezing and couldn’t believe he had such troublesome asthma until the last month.  He saw the vet’s name on Thom’s rabies certificate and that this vet was holistic and mentioned that he would like to learn more about holistic treatment and asked me who I would recommend.    I gave him your information and told him that you had made the most significant difference in Thom’s health.  Anyway, I have attached his invoice so you could see what he was given and what he was sent home with.  
Heaven help us, I expected the antibiotic but wasn’t given the choice about the injectable antibiotic at the time of surgery.  He said that he had an infection in his right ear and that conjunctivitis was brewing in his right eye (there has been very little pink and no weeping at all for weeks).  I am concerned about the effects of all of the antibiotics, the anesthesia and all the drugs he told me to give him.  One for his mouth, one for his ear, one for his eye and an ointment for a few scabs from his itching.  Also, Buprenorphine for pain.  I plan to give him HEAL and Magnesia Phosphorica instead.  This poor little guy’s body is going to be in shock from all the drugs alone! His poor microbiome!  He tried to comfort me that the ointment, drops for eyes and ears were all topical, like they don’t get absorbed.  Scary! 
Thom goes back in 7 days for a recheck.  Please give me your feedback.  Will we be able to fix the damage?

Cat convalescence naturally

Convalescence naturally

Because she prefers using the most natural approach possible and to minimize the number of additional drugs, I used muscle testing to determine which of the meds actually tested beneficial or not.  As a result we were able to use colloidal silver both orally and as eye drops, Detox Blend by Animal Essentials to help his liver and lymphatic system eliminate all the drugs and anesthesia, as well as homeopathy and CBD to address pain and inflammation.  Only one medicine actually resonated as needed. 

After a day of refusing to eat I rechecked him energetically.  Besides having some pain, I found an energetic “block” with his appetite hormone (Ghrelin) and gustatory cortex and cells.  These tell the brain what tastes good or not.  I did some remote energy healing session and recommend color therapy using something pink for him to sleep on or next to.

Convalescence results

The next report she sent me was mind blowing!

Dear Pam,
I am even more in awe of your talents than ever before!  I gave Thom the pain medication at 5 PM but it did not help him eat. It just made him spacey. When I read your direction to add something pink, I thought, seriously?  Pink???  Okay, whatever!   Because I am a “blue” girl, the only thing I had that was pink was a fleece shirt that used to be my mother’s, so I put it on the bed.  He curled up beside it, then a little while later, curled up ON it and fell asleep.  That was at about 11 PM.  At 3 AM, he went over to the food and began to eat.  By 6 AM, all of the food in two bowls, which was the equivalent of one packet of Weruva slide-and-serve pate, was gone!  He has not stopped eating since.  He is still having trouble drinking.  I tried 3 different sized bowls and he keeps moving them across the floor with his paw! So funny! He is urinating so he’s getting some of the water.  Interestingly, he is drinking raw goat’s milk with no problem.  He’s probably had a 1/4 cup already so I’m sure he’ll get better with the water.  He is also up-to-date with Sovereign Silver; mouth, ears and eyes.
Thank you for being there for me and my precious Thom, and as always, thank you for sharing your genius with us!  You are a miracle!

Convalescence lessons learned

I almost cried tears of joy when I read her note.  Obviously I am beyond ecstatic about Thom’s quick turnaround in such a short time!  Not surprisingly, Thom continued to sleep on this pink fleece top during his recovery process.  The color pink has a very healing vibrational frequency which helps the body heal on an energetic level.  We often think of medicine first when helping our cats during times of convalescence, but we rarely think about finding ways that work with the body’s energy to promote healing and recovery.  Using natural things like homeopathy, colloidal silver, CBD and even color therapy can provide quick, effective ways to help the body heal and rebalance.  

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