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Does Your Cat think Outside The Box?

The NVR Miss litter box keeps urine inside the box


Cat Litter Box Duty

Let’s face it. Cleaning the cat’s litter box is probably not your favorite thing about being owned by a cat!  However, it’s rather necessary. I compare it to flushing the toilet.  Absolutely necessary!  Cat’s need their toilet flushed, too!

Cats are very sensitive to smells, and they take doing their “business” very seriously, too.  I insist on scooping my cats’ litter boxes twice a day; I take the morning shift, and my husband has the evening shift. I am meticulous about scooping every single bit of dirty litter, especially around the edges and in the corners.  Why is it that cats love to pee in the corners?  Don’t they understand those are the hardest places to clean?  My husband skips these areas completely which annoys me.  I usually end up having to re-scoop after him.  😾

NVR Miss Litter Box 

Years ago our boys started to pee standing up.  If you can envision the “standard” style litter box you can already imagine the disaster that resulted.  We had cat pee on the floor, on the wall–everywhere except in the litter box!  So we began to search for a solution.   You’ve probably never LOVED a litter box before, and neither had I.  But when we found the NVR Miss Litter Box we found a whole new appreciation for litter boxes!The NVR Miss litter box solves litter box accidents

The man who designed this box had a cat that liked to stand up when he used the litter box.  The ensuing frustration inspired his owner to design a box that prevented these accidents.  Check out the high sides with a low cut-out for the kitty to walk in and out.  It’s wide enough to turn around, and the high walls also add a bit of privacy.

This worked like a charm!  As long as the litter wasn’t too high we didn’t have any issues.  An added bonus is less litter spilled on the floor, too!

Speaking of litter

The best litter I’ve found is Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter.  It has very little dust and clumps great.  Because cats hate strong smells I never buy scented cat litter.  Perfumes and scents added to litter are marketing ploys designed to appeal to cat owners, not cats.  If you have a strong litter box odor, sprinkle baking soda in the box.  This works like a charm, and the cats don’t mind or even notice.

Don’t take my word for it

My friend Trace has an elder kitty with kidney disease.  She had the standard litter box, and the kitty was peeing over the edge making a huge mess every day.  I recommended the NVR Miss litter box several months ago, and just the other day I got this email from her:

Hi Pam,

I just received my NVR Miss litter box today. Wish I had done this a long time ago! Happiness and joy abound! No mess 🙂

Thanks for the recommendation!



Have any litter box insights or funny stories to share?  Leave a comment below!

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