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Energy, Frequency & Vibration June 2024

energy and pets

The aspect and impact of ENERGY is one aspect of pet health that is commonly overlooked. Instead, the focus is all about symptoms, food, diagnostics, supplements, medication, etc. While we agree these are important, they are just one part of the puzzle. There needs to be a focus on the energy side, specifically emotional and spiritual components to health and wellness.

Essentially, there are 3 sides of the triangle: body, mind, and spirit. Obviously, the body–the physical–gets the most attention. But did you know that things happen in the spiritual and emotional fields first that then affect the physical? Everything is energy. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency. If we can change the frequency, we can create a different outcome.

Join Barrie Sands, DVM, and Pam Roussell as they help us peek behind the curtain to see the “unseen” in a new light and explore the “oneness” of the mind, body and spirit. They have a strong desire to help facilitate and co-create health and wellness for both pet parents and pets.

Dr. Sands also taught a simple exercise to help us bring coherence in our heart and mind.

Correction on video: Dr. Sands misspoke about the phases of water. Oooops😬 When she was talking about those two other phases, she was referring to the phases of matter, solid liquid, gas plasma, and the Bose Einstein condensate.

You can find Dr. Sands at To take her survey as she studies the energetics of the human-animal bond:

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It appears you really DID clear the obsessiveness of Libby asking and going nutso as I get out and prep her canned food. She is giving me space (not underfoot), less verbally meowing like crazy and this morning she knew I was prepping the food and it was so quiet I turned around and she wasn't even in the kitchen anymore, even though she knew I was prepping her food. THAT's a first.

Danielle T.

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