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Energy Healing Help For Breeze

energy healing for cats

I love using energy healing work to help cats be their best selves. To my surprise my new kitten, Breeze, needed a little support this weekend.

Birds, bunnies & squirrels, oh my!

Let’s go back a couple weeks and start from the beginning. Recently I resumed feeding the birds with a feeder that hangs from a tree in front of my office window. This attracts numerous birds, squirrels and cottontail bunnies that forage beneath the feeder for goodies dropped from above.

To my amusement Breeze suddenly “discovered” these beautiful animals and became enchanted. In the mornings and late afternoons she sits on my desk and watches the activity outside around the bird feeder. Like many cats, she gets very excited, often letting out little chirps and whines. Sometimes she will whine at me as if asking to help her get closer.

Behavior and appetite changes

Breeze has always been highly food motivated. Therefore, when she suddenly stopped running to her food platter at mealtimes for several days I began to wonder if something was going on. It was as if she had no motivation or interest in food anymore. Eventually she would eat some but not with her normal enthusiasm. Furthermore, her energy level seemed off.

Therefore, I decided it was time to explore if there were some emotional blocks or anything else resonating with this sudden change in behavior. This is when things became interesting.

My intention was to uncover the sudden loss of interest in eating. Using the energy healing modality Mind Body Spirit Release I began to identify blocks she was storing in her cellular memory, and it painted a clear picture of what was happening.

The first set of blocks were emotional: apathy, unmotivated, indifferent, not being heard and withholding all feelings. The second set of blocks involved her throat chakra, lung meridian and Metal element. The emotions influencing these areas included not being heard, contempt and longing for.

Bunnies, birds and squirrels came up next. These animals were contributing to anger/resentment, feeling misunderstood/unacknowledged, and a block to emotional stability.

Another set of blocks involved the Ghrelin hormone, stomach, hypothalamus, pituitary and two neurotransmitters. These all connected to lack of appetite. And finally, there were actual blocks to her food. These were connected to her stomach, taste buds, and the emotions unmotivated, unwanted and not allowing/not receptive.

Breeze and Skylar watching the birds

Energy healing restores balance

Now that I had all the pieces to the puzzle the answers became clear. Her inner predator is calling! She wants to go hunt the animals she watches, and it upsets her that she can’t. Furthermore, the animals made her feel resentful and unacknowledged. As a result, this emotional stress cascaded into blocking the throat chakra as well as a Ghrelin hormone block which lowered the appetite. Therefore, she was unmotivated to eat and lost her normal interest in food.

After clearing these blocks energetically for her I’m happy to report that she began eating with her previous gusto and enthusiasm!

Finally, it’s important that we never underestimate the power of energy healing! It’s a simple, quick way to help our kitties release things causing stress and imbalance for them so that they can resume being their happy, quirky selves.

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