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Feline Acne and Food Allergies Resolved

Why Does My Cat Have Feline Acne?

For the past ten years experience has taught me that when you give the body the tools it needs it can heal itself.  My first venture into holistic health for my cats began with Lili many years ago. 

Treatment for cats with acne

Lili developed feline acne when she was young

When Lili was younger, I’m guessing about two, I began to notice black crusty scabs under her chin.  If I would scratch them off  (I know that sounds gross), or rub them with hydrogen peroxide, they would come back.  Realizing my efforts were not fixing the problem I took her to the vet to have them looked at.  “It’s feline acne,” she said.  “Cats get this from their chin coming into contact with bacteria accumulating in their food bowls.  You need to change her food bowls to glass.”  I was already washing the cats’ food bowls after every meal, so this explanation didn’t really make much sense, but being the doting pet parent I went out and bought glass ramekin style bowls.  Before Lili left the clinic that day the doctor had her vet techs hold Lili down and forcefully scrub as much of the acne off as possible.  The poor kitty probably felt brutalized, and she was not one bit happy about it.

Causes of acne in cats

Fast forward a short time later, I noticed her chin peppered again with black scabs.  Evidently the glass food bowl remedy was not working.  Therefore, I sought out a holistic vet for the first time and made an appointment.  Being a little more savvy about such things, this doctor surmised it may be caused by a food allergy and referred us to a veterinary dermatologist.  Yes, there is actually such a specialty!  So once again we made yet another appointment with the “specialist” and took Lili to be evaluated.

Treating cats with acne

This doctor did a quick examination and concluded with certainty it was a food allergy.  “What is she allergic to?” I asked.  In order to determine that she would need to undergo allergy testing in much the same way people do:  lots of needles placing numerous allergens on the skin and waiting to see which ones have a reaction.  It’s not only painful but very expensive and time consuming.  Furthermore, I didn’t have cat health insurance, so all the costs would be coming out of my pocket!  Being the needle phobic mom I am I ruled out this option immediately.  There was just no way I was going to subject our little princess to this kind of torture.  As an alternative the doctor suggested putting Lili on a “hypo-allergenic diet.”  In other words, buy very expensive food that’s supposed to not cause allergic reactions in your cat.  In a household of five cats at the time, feeding Lili one type of food while feeding everyone else something different was just not an option.  Neither was spending $35 on a 6 ounce back of cat kibble  that would only last about 5 days at best.  (Yes, I used to feed my cat kibble before I got smart.)

Feline acne under the chin

Feline acne under the chin

A holistic approach worked when others failed

Not long before all this my close friend, Mary, had started going to a Naturopath doctor at Heights of Health in our area.  I was amazed at the results and methods the doctor was using because it was unlike anything I had ever heard of before.  Feeling I had nothing to lose I made an appointment for Lili.  Our practitioner, Sonya, was so excited to work with Lili, and she used me as a surrogate to muscle test potential causes of the food allergy.  The most common ones for cats are chicken, eggs, dairy, soy, fish, wheat and corn.  I brought in the bag of cat food I was feeding the cats at the time, and she also tested through all the ingredients. When it was all over two culprits were exposed: chicken and dairy.

Through a process called ECR (energetic cellular release) which uses an imprinted vial of the allergen, light therapy and the body’s energy, the cells in the body are “reprogrammed energetically” not to have a reaction with the foods or substances anymore.  It’s a bit difficult to understand exactly how it works, but I can tell you from personal experience and countless clients who have gone to Heights of Health, THIS WORKS!

Lili’s feline acne cleared up within days and has not come back.  She can eat chicken now with no problems.  We don’t feed her any dairy or kibble because neither are species appropriate.


What allergies does your cat suffer from?   If you’ve consulted your veterinarian and ruled out diseases or illness, it could be a food allergy or sensitivity.  Seek out a holistic health practitioner or Naturopath who can muscle test to determine the cause/s and then eliminate them with techniques like ECR.  You can find more information about Heights of Health at their website, and yes, they can even work remotely with you and your pet!




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