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Foster Kitten Overcomes A Traumatic Loss

foster kitten Paul
Paul, foster kitten

Kittens by nature are fragile little souls. But when they are separated from their mother as infants it can be especially challenging on many levels. And that brings us to foster kitten Paul.

My friend and client, Kathleen, does a lot of rescue work and reached out recently because she brought in a litter of four kittens and one was struggling. He wasn’t eating well or gaining weight, had ear mites, and was suspected to have an upper respiratory infection. He was around six weeks old, weighed under a pound, and all the other siblings were well over, gaining weight and thriving. Her question to me was why wasn’t he gaining weight and had little interest in food?

To add to the stress in his life, the rescue organization had just dewormed him, began feeding him kibble weeks earlier, put him on antibiotics, and had just vaccinated him with the FVRCP vaccine.

Needless to say my heart sank as I read these details. No kitten should be fed kibble or be vaccinated at such a young age. Alarm bells were going off in my head, so I knew we needed to work quickly.

Paul and his siblings

Paul’s energy sheds some light

I began to assess him energetically using energy testing with his photo. The issues came into focus quickly, and the following were stressors to him:

  • The FVRCP vaccine
  • Sugar via the kibble
  • Wet food
  • Chicken, tuna and salmon
  • Trapped emotions of defensiveness, terror, vulnerability and anxiety

Additional things that resonated with imbalance included stomach, liver, pancreas, appetite hormone (Ghrelin), blocked chakras, taste buds, and his new foster parents.

Some of the other stressors that I identified were attached to trapped emotions that gave insight to what he experienced on an emotional level:

  • Car ride: confusion, fear, helplessness, and anxiety
  • Moving to Kathleen’s house: nervousness, shock, overwhelm and fear
  • Loud noises: fear, anxiety

Discovering a traumatic event

Using energy healing work I was able to release the assortment of physical and emotional stressors, and Kathleen began vaccine detox protocols with Thuja 30C homeopathy and milk thistle, adding Pedialyte, colostrum and an appetite stimulant.

Yet he was still struggling. It was at that point Kathleen asked if I could clear any emotions related to losing his mother at such a young age. With this in mind I identified her loss as a traumatic event:

Loss of his mother: heartache, abandonment, grief and longing

When I read the emotions surrounding the loss of his mother my heart just broke. Apparently this precious little guy is very sensitive and her loss made a huge impact. Despite the vaccine’s effects, perhaps the emotional loss and grief was the true root cause of his failure to thrive!

Paul (far right) and his 2 siblings

Paul turns the corner

As it turned out this was the turning point we needed! Suddenly he began eating…and gaining weight overnight! Each day he gained more weight and was acting like a normal kitten again, playing with his siblings. I’m happy to report he is now thriving! Kathleen sent me this update at the time this article was written:

Paul is great- rapidly approaching 2lbs. now.  Playful, happy and growing!

Never underestimate the power of emotional healing and its affect on overall health. Without a doubt, Paul’s exposure to toxic drugs and inappropriate food affected him negatively, but the emotional grief was even more profound. Fortunately, the energy work to identify and release physical and emotional stressors has given foster kitten Paul the foundation needed to grow into a happy, healthy cat. Paul will remain with his siblings at Kathleen’s home until they are ready to find their forever homes!

You may donate to support the rescue of kittens by simply going to The Northside Pet Connection.

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