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Healing Trauma Naturally

healing trauma
Skylar and Breeze

This past week Skylar and Breeze experienced a bit of trauma. It was a beautiful evening outside as a light breeze blew, and the sun was starting to bid farewell to the day. The sisters were in the backyard enjoying the peace and quiet and chasing insects that were flying and jumping around the yard.

Intruder alert!

I was in my office working when suddenly there was a loud bang on the back door. Immediately I jumped up and hurried out the back door to find out what was happening. As soon as I opened the door Skylar ran inside. Glancing out into the yard I spotted a large, rough looking orange tabby cat, one of the neighborhood cats I would see occasionally walking down the sidewalk or inspecting the bushes in the front of the house. I suspect this is the guy that keeps marking in spots on my deck and patio.

I began clapping my hands loudly and shouting for him to go away. Right on cue he wasted no time running across the yard where he scaled the six foot fence and disappeared. About eight feet away from where I spotted him crouched Breeze, hunkered down the grass, eyes as big as saucers, and frozen in fear.

I calmly walked over, talking softly as I approached her. She didn’t move. As I picked her up and carried her inside I felt her back end was wet with urine; she had peed as a result of the frightening experience.

Clearing trauma naturally

Once inside both girls were still very on edge, crying, with fur on their tails and bodies all puffed out, and hissing at each other. This was a classic case of redirected fear and aggression. At this point I knew it was critical to intervene quickly in order to help calm them down and restore peace. Otherwise their present fear and distrust would affect their relationship; their negative energy would also affect Gunner and Aylen, too.

I started by putting Skylar alone in a bathroom. Breeze hid behind the refrigerator and cried to me while I tried to persuade her to come out. In the meantime, I began preparing a wet homeopathic remedy using Aconitum 30C. This remedy is ideal for shock and trauma. While the pellets were dissolving I started diffusing the essential oil blend Peace & Calming by Young Living.

Mind Body Spirit Release

Next, I immediately went to work identifying and clearing all the emotional blocks from their trauma using Mind Body Spirit Release. This energy healing modality clears the frequencies the body stores from negative experiences and traumas that impact sentient beings emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Here are the frequencies that resonated and cleared for each girl:

  • Emotions: Fear, panic, unable to feel safe, fright, afraid, overwhelmed, blocks to feeling safe and secure
  • Limiting belief: I am not safe in the world
  • Feral cat
  • Backyard
  • Skylar / Breeze (they were a stressor to each other)
  • Her relationship with family (sister) is blocked by fear, overwhelm and tension
  • Root Chakra (safety, security), Sacral Chakra (bonding, connecting, when something is excessive or too much), Solar Plexus Chakra (lacking personal power, fear, a need for self assurance)
  • Earth Element (anxiety), Water Element (fear, affects the bladder)
  • Acute miasm (a predisposition for strong, instinctive reactions involving adrenaline, panic, shock, run for your life, and trauma)

After I completed the energy healing work on both kitties I let Skylar out of the bathroom and gave her a dose of Aconitum. By this time Breeze decided to emerge from behind the refrigerator, so she also was given a dose. The kitchen and living room was filled with the calming scent of the essential oil blend. There were no more puffy tails or fur; furthermore, all hissing had stopped and the girls began to interact normally.

Peace and relationships restored

Meanwhile, Aylen and Gunner were hanging around, oblivious to the trauma the sisters experienced. Skylar and Breeze were each given a second dose of Aconite about 30 minutes after the first. Our evening ended calmly with cuddles and our nightly brushing routine on the sofa.

If left unaddressed, redirected aggression and fear resulting from trauma or a frightening experience can make it difficult for some cats to get along again. One of the most important things to remember is to remain calm. Your cats will pick up on your stress and emotions like little sponges. Implementing simple things like homeopathy and diffusing a calming essential oil, and taking a “time out” from each other can be invaluable for restoring peace and relationships. Providing color therapy like red and green or herbs to self select like Angelica root, valerian, lavender and chamomile can also be beneficial. Furthermore, when you can add some energy healing work like Mind Body Spirit Release it can help wipe the slates clean so that relationships can be restored.

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