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Help For Skin Rashes In Cats: Bi Nai’s Story

Skin rashes in cats treatment

Bi Nai

Probably best known for being hairless, the Sphynx breed of cat is full of personality.  They are very friendly, affectionate, enjoy being the center of attention, and tend to follow their owners around like dogs.  Back in October 2018 I was contacted by cat mom, Eve, regarding her Sphynx cat, Bi Nai.  He’s an indoor kitty living in beautiful Yosemite, CA, and shares his home with a dog and cat.  Eve reached out for help concerning his very sensitive, allergic skin and pica.  Skin rashes in cats can be very problematic, so it’s important to address the root cause or causes.  In Bi Nai’s case, it’s been quite a journey getting him on the road to recovery.  I think you’ll find his story fascinating!

Addressing the root cause of skin rashes in cats

Skin rashes in cats can be causes by several things, but the most common are food and environmental sensitivities.  Upon doing his initial Optimal Cat Health Analysis, food didn’t resonate as the main stressor for Bi Nai.  Despite eating a raw diet of turkey and duck, muscle testing determined he was sensitive to chicken.  The natural laundry soap Eve was using, however, showed a strong sensitivity to Laureth 7, one of the ingredients.  Over the course of the past year we have added to his list of environmental stressors and sensitivities to include:

  • sodium gluconate (laundry soap ingredient)
  • polyester in his blankets
  • grass pollen
  • chemicals in the water including ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus, nitrite, nitrate, chloramines and chlorine
  • leather, leather cleaning product ingredients including  Neatsfoot oil, mineral oil and soy oil
  • plastic covered items including PCBs, BPA and xenoestrogens
  • Tryptophan in turkey
  • Fragrance and the preservatives Benzisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolone in Arm & Hammer cat litter
  • E-coli bacteria in his poop

As you can see there were so many environmental stressors that were making Bi Nai miserable.  Normally fur would buffer many of these stressors, but being hairless the direct contact with his skin was too much.  His weakened immune system was not only affected by external stressors but chemicals and preservatives going into his body as well.  Fortunately I was able to energetically clear most of these using an energy medicine technique called Energetic Cellular Release.  Others he simply needed to avoid.  

Holistic help for cats with skin rashes

Bi Nai

What was causing his Pica?

Bi Nai’s second issue was pica.  Pica is a condition in which cats or dogs eat items or objects that are not food, and this can be very dangerous.  In some cases the result is an intestinal blockage requiring surgery.  Unfortunately, Bi Nai had to undergo such a surgery some time before Eve contacted me.  The causes of pica can be either physical (something missing the diet) or emotional.  Muscle testing resonated that Bi Nai was lacking something in his diet, but it was even more complex than that.

In Bi Nai’s case he was ravenously hungry all the time.  Not only did he have a history of chewing on plastic things or eating his cat litter, he once ate a whole bag of porcini mushrooms!  Addressing all these issues required several steps.

After doing some investigating I found that the Sphynx breed usually requires more calories.  This makes sense because being hairless their bodies burn more calories to regulate body temperature.  Working with Eve we increased Bi Nai’s daily calories.  He is now eating 1.5 oz four times a day.

The second thing concerned eating the cat litter.  I learned in a nutrition course that cats who eat litter often lack copper in their diet.  This deficiency can lead to anemia due to a lack of iron.  We simply added organ meat and liver to his diet and voila–the litter eating stopped!

The third thing that resonated with Bi Nai was the appetite hormone, ghrelin.  It resonated as a block or stressor.  Using ECR I facilitated clearing this block energetically, helping his voracious appetite return to normal.

Bi Nai’s trapped emotions

When it comes to healing never underestimate the possibility of an emotional component to address.  About three months into our journey together Eve reported that Bi Nai peed on her bed a couple of times; six months later he started acting differently.  He became very needy, sleeping in her hair, and even bolted out the front door a couple of times.  

Concerning the first incident, Eve feels the peeing on the bed was related to the recent changes in his diet.  Incidentally, she also noticed him drinking and peeing more frequently, too.  This prompted adding some kidney support, even though his recent blood panel showed normal kidney values.

For the second incident muscle testing revealed several trapped emotions:  insecurity, territorial and upset.  Therefore, I asked Eve if there had been any changes in his environment or recent incidents that has disrupted his routine.  The answer she gave made me laugh!

Oh yes! There is a dog who has moved in next door who cruises the yard daily and is curious about the cats and looks in the windows.  The cats are very interested in her.

All his behaviors now made sense!  Once again using ECR I was able to remove these emotional stressors, and no additional support was needed.  As far as I know Bi Nai hasn’t shown any new trapped emotions concerning the neighbor’s dog.

Skin rashes in cats

Bi Nai

Holistic remedies, supplements to address skin rashes in cats

There are numerous ways to support the body in overcoming food sensitivities, pica, and skin rashes in cats once the root cause has been determined. Over the course of the past year we have used homeopathy, diet modification, ECR, and other supplements in various ways:

  • Probiotics to build the immune system, build his good gut flora and balance the e-coli bacteria levels
  • Omega 3 oils to help reduce inflammation and provide essential fatty acids
  • Homeopathic remedies including Staphysagria and Histaminum for skin rashes and histamine imbalance
  • Activated charcoal and pumpkin for occasional intestinal upsets, runny poop
  • Herbal kidney support 
  • Energetic cellular release–to clear stressors, blocks and sensitivities on an energetic level so the body can heal and balance

Often times partnering with your local vet is the best way to approach natural wellness.  In Bi Nai’s case, the vet was happy to help with blood work but not supportive or knowledgeable about feeding a raw diet nor using natural remedies. 

Muscle testing is a great way to identify and address the root cause of skin rashes in cats or whatever may be resonating with your cat.  Many times there are many layers of stressors to get through, and it can take time for these to rise to the surface.  Out of all the cat clients I’ve worked with Bi Nai has to be the most sensitive and challenging kitty so far!  I’m happy to report his skin rashes, pica and emotional behavior have either improved tremendously or disappeared altogether, and he is thriving under holistic, natural protocols and a raw diet!  

Disclaimer:  This article has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure.

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