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Helping Kensie Overcome Cat Health Problems

Overcoming cat health problems


Cat health problems began at an early age

The hurricane approaching Florida was due to hit landfall within twenty four hours back in 2004.  The feral, pregnant mother cat knew the storm was imminent and needed to find safe shelter to give birth.  Luckily she fell under the watchful eye of Michelle who rallied to help her.  She was able to trap her and bring her inside the house, providing her with warmth, food, and comfort.  Less than twenty fours hours later, as the storm passed, she gave birth to kittens.  If it hadn’t been for Michelle’s help she and kittens wouldn’t have had a chance.  Michelle ended up keeping one of the kittens and named her Kensie.  

Kensie was a beautiful brown tabby with big green eyes and a sweet, gentle disposition.  She received her round of kitten shots, and was spayed within her first year.  She was also the runt of the litter and began having health challenges at a very early age.  Various visits to the vet and a belief that she had outdoor allergies resulted in repeated antibiotics and steroid shots.

She began to lose the fur on her stomach which lasted for nine years.  She also developed sebaceous cysts, swollen gums, a rodent ulcer on her mouth, and yeasty ears.  Eating was a challenge.  She had a varied appetite; some days she would eat very little and other days she would be ravenous.  Kensie started vomiting white foamy liquid during the night which happens when cats are hungry.  Therefore, Michelle would keep food beside her bed at night and feed her if needed.  

“She had no fur on her stomach for 9 years…it’s all grown back now”

The search for answers started to take it’s toll, as Michelle explains the journey in her own words:

When we brought her to the vet originally about 2 yrs ago she was on a raw food diet. She was brought in because she stopped eating. After being misdiagnosed by two vets she finally had one that looked at the back of her throat. He said it looked like strep throat and that was why she refused to eat.
I could tell she was in pain, and the vets looked at me like I was crazy. I explained that she had lost her meow, would grind her teeth, lick her lips, and swallow continuously.  No one ever associated that with stomach acid or diagnosed her correctly.  They instructed me to put a humidifier in the room and so turn the shower on for her to inhale the steam. She went for a month and a half before I found someone that diagnosed her properly.
The same thing happened with her yeasty ears. I brought her in and explained about the way she flicks her ears. and she was treated with lanolin and something else. I told the vet I used natural remedies for her CKD, and slippery elm to help with nausea and stomach acid. The vet was condescending and spoke down to me:  “Slippery elm?  I’ve never her of that.  Is that for gout?” I scooped her up and went on to the next vet. 
The next vet examined her 5 weeks later when the flicking didn’t go away and treated her ears with something else.  The issue was brought up again when Kensie was vomiting once a day and Pepcid didn’t help. She couldn’t keep any food down.  That vet said the ear flicking and consistent vomiting was due to food allergies. She has been to so many vets, and I have completely lost faith with them. 
That is how I came to you as I had no where else to turn and ran out of options. I was getting completely depressed and would continuously cry at work.  I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know how to help her anymore. If she couldn’t keep food down what options did I have?  With appetite stimulant you can get them to eat, but if they can’t keep any food down what do you do?  I felt completely helpless but knew I couldn’t stop trying.  If I had stopped trying back when she had strep she would be dead. 

Biofeedback scans can help cat health problems

In 2017 Michelle had a biofeedback scan done for Kensie.  This scan determined what stressors resonated with Kensie at the time, and custom homeopathic remedies were prepared for these conditions.  The results were staggering!  Stressors included ulcers, rabies vaccine, pancreas, stomach/digestion, bladder, bacteria, trigeminal neuralgia (facial pain), and chronic/overgrowth of bacteria.  Her overall harmonic energy resonated with the homeopathic remedy Aconite, which I’ve heard referred to as a “reset button.”  She began treatment immediately with detox remedies for chemicals, anesthesia, and rabies vaccine.  

CKD and vomiting issues emerge

Fast forward to 2018.  Kensie developed severe vomiting, and yeast developed in her ears again.  Blood work showed elevated kidney values, and she was given a diagnosis of stage 1 chronic kidney disease.  Over time Kensie has been prescribed several meds including cerenia, meloxicam, mirtazapine, buprenorphine, compounded Pepsid AC, zenequin, clavamox and subcutaneous fluids.  She refused to eat the healthy raw diet Michelle preferred to offer her and instead would only eat prescription diet food with high amounts of carbohydrates.  

Cats with health issues

Kensie loves to relax in her favorite chair on the patio

Energy testing gives new hope

Kensie’s case is one of the most complex cases I’ve ever seen.  She has been evaluated by numerous vets, both conventional and holistic, over the years as they’ve moved around.  After often being misdiagnosed the information the biofeedback scan provided was the most accurate and helpful.  It gave her a chance to start detoxing from all the years of damage from drugs, chemicals and vaccines.  When Michelle reached out to me to do a Cat Health Analysis my heart went out to both of them.  They have been through so much physically, financially and emotionally, and yet Michelle refused to give up!  

Michelle sent me photos of literally rows of natural supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, probiotics, and other meds she has used for Kensie over the years.  Using Kensie’s photo I was able to energy test every single item and all the food she was currently feeding her.  I also looked at her biofeedback scan and most recent blood work from the vet.  Chronic inflammation and a weakened immune system had wreaked havoc on her body.  She definitely had sensitivities to food and emotions as well as to a medication and supplement.  

TCM will be key to Kensie’s recovery

Traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, focuses on balancing or harmonizing the life force or Qi (pronounced chee).  The body is made up of energy meridians that run vertically through the body.  When there is blockage or imbalance sickness and disease develop; this interrupts the flow of life force energy.  With Kensie, her life force was out of balance.  Energetically she had a Qi deficiency and was sensitive to Yin foods (many of the cooler proteins she had been eating.)  

Acupuncture is highly beneficial in restoring balance and harmony, and many animals find it very pleasant and effective.  Kensie tested very well for this, so it was high on my list of recommendations.  Her diet needed modification, too.  Energy testing showed that the “warmer” (Yang) foods like beef, chicken, rabbit, tuna, salmon and pork would help balance her sensitivity to Yin foods.  

Immune system reset

Kensie had previously used a homeopathic formula called Ubichinon Compositum to help her detox, which she needed to continue.  She also tested well for Sulphur 30c for her yeasty ears.

She didn’t really need a lot of supplements.  The long list of pantry items was narrowed down to just five:

  1. 4Life Transfer Factor Feline Complete to help boost her immune system
  2. Hemp Rx for pain (a cannabinoid product) as needed
  3. Colloidal silver (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune booster) for 10 days
  4. Vitality Science Feline Comfort probiotic (for vomiting, diarrhea and rebuilding good gut flora)
  5. A fish oil (salmon, krill, cod liver or anchovy)

Finally, I was able to clear her energetically from the things she was sensitive to.  The list included immune system, allergies, skin, chronic illness, timid/shy behavior, turkey, duck, alfalfa, clam, shrimp, prawn and Willow (the other resident cat).

Hope at the end of a long road

Cats can be very resilient, and Kensie is certainly that!  Given the right tools, and removing the stressors, her body will heal itself.  At the time of this post Michelle informed me that things were going well so far, and that makes me so happy!  I know she is on the right path now.  Michelle’s unwavering determination and committment she made to Kensie that first stormy night fourteen years ago is what will carry her into a healthy future.  

Is your cat suffering with cat health challenges?  Consider doing an Optimal Cat Health Analysis and get answers!

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