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Holistic Cat Tales: Joy’s Story

holistic cat consulations

Joy Fiske

Many cat parents are growing more savvy today about trying alternative approaches to health for cats.  Better nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine and holistic veterinary medicine are just a few of these.  Holistic cat therapies and methods treat the whole cat, not just symptoms.  Here’s an example of how one client found success for her cat’s issues.

Holistic cat health expertise

A couple of months ago Amy Fiske reached out to me for help with her precious kitty, Joy.  Joy was rescued from the streets back in October 2016.  At the time she was addicted to kibble, and it took a year to wean her off.    Prior to calling me Joy was experiencing reflux and hairballs. She was also itching a lot but didn’t have any hotspots.  Her story is important because even though Amy was on the right track there was still something missing.  

To further complicate her digestive issues, Joy was extremely shy and afraid of strangers.  Perhaps it was due to her time on the streets before she was rescued.  Amy was using CBD to help calm Joy, which is a great for treating anxiety in cats.   Emotions always play a factor in health issues, so addressing these was a critical part of our plan.  

Amy also worked with a holistic vet awhile back to help with vomiting issues and incorporated some Chinese herbs, slippery elm bark, probiotics, and a transition to a better diet.  In addition, three raw eggs a week were added to her wet food.  Another very interesting part of Joy’s case history included holistic vet Dr. Jean Dodd’s Nutriscan test in January 2018 that uses to saliva to determine food sensitivities.  After reading the results of the scan I could tell exactly what kind of dry food she had been eating.  Joy had sensitivities to lentils, millet, potato, quinoa, peanuts (probably from the facility the food was manufactured in), rice and salmon.  

Holistic cat health analysis

Using a photo of Joy and an energy medicine technique called muscle testing I was quickly able to determine the root cause of Joy’s issues.  As I suspected, Joy still had food sensitivities and trapped emotions that were causing her body to be out of balance:  tuna, salmon, turkey, rejection, panic, fear and longing.  My heart broke for her as I discovered the emotions that were preventing her from truly feeling secure and relaxed around people.  

In addition to the food and emotions I also tested all the supplements and made some diet and supplement recommendations.  The first thing I facilitated was energetically clearing Joy of all the food sensitivities and trapped emotions.  Her body no longer recognizes these as metabolic or emotional stressors, and she is free to heal.  

The second recommendation I made concerned the supplements.  Continuing to use the CBD and probiotics were beneficial; however, she no longer needed the Chinese herbs or slippery elm!  

The third recommendation concerned her food.  She did NOT test well for a raw diet which explains why she resisted it when Amy tried for a month!  Instead, freeze-dried or canned were better suited for her at the time.  Furthermore, her best diet included egg yolks, chicken, pheasant, pork, beef, rabbit, quail or venison.  Seafood needed to be avoided, and turkey could be reintroduced after a week of avoiding it.  

holistic cat wellness

Persistent patience pays off

In conclusion, energy testing tells me the acid reflux is a result of the long term sensitivities to starches in kibble plus the proteins; the hairballs were a result of the GI tract stress.  Furthermore, the trapped emotions she held onto for so long resonated with her life before Amy rescued her.  I could feel Joy’s gratitude for being rescued and for Amy’s love and dedication to her care.

Prior to writing this Amy reached out to ask me to check a new protein for Joy:  lamb.  The result was positive!  She also gave me a quick update:  “No reflux for over a month!  I introduced the lamb and she refluxed on Sunday so wanted to make sure it wasn’t the lamb- I think she just ate too fast- that’s how well she is doing 🥰She’s also doing much better around people, too!”

Stay focused and persistent.  There are answers out there, and a holistic approach to cat health is worth the extra effort!

Are you interested in learning more about ways to help your cat?  Consider doing an Optimal Cat Health Analysis with Pam!  



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