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How cat savvy are you?

You’re invited to take our Cat Savvy Quiz!

There is so much out-dated and mis-information in the cat world. In addition, there are really positive results showing up in studies that you may or may not be aware of. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to see just how savvy you are now about cats. Are you still believing popular myths or are you staying informed and updated? Take the quiz and find out. All the answers are at the bottom…no peeking!

1. Cats need to eat dry food because it helps clean their teeth and reduce tartar and plaque.

    a. True

    b. False

    2. Indoor cats should use flea medication year round even if they aren’t exposed to fleas.

      a. True

      b. False

      3. It’s important to re-vaccinate every year or every three years because immunity runs out if you go past the due dates.  

      a. True

      b. False

      4. Cats who pee outside the litter box or spray/mark on places like furniture, beds, walls, floors, etc, do this because:

      a. They are mad at you

      b. They are afraid and their scent brings them comfort

      c. They’re just being jerks

      d. They are communicating with other household pets

      e. a and c

      f. b and d

        5. Which is not a biologically appropriate diet for cats?

        a. Kibble

        b. Canned or pouched food

        c. Raw food

        d. Gently cooked or freeze dried food

          6. In most cases one vaccine may confer immunity to a disease for the life of the animal.

          a. True

          b. It depends on the efficacy of the vaccine

          c. False

          d. Pets always need vaccines throughout their lives in order to be protected.

            e.  c and d

            f.  a and b

            7. Adverse reactions to a vaccine only happen within the first 24-48 hours.

            a. True

            b.  False

            8. In order to make improvements in overall health, studies have found that by replacing this amount of the processed food for fresh food makes a big impact:

            a. 50%

            b. 10%

            c. 20%

            d. Diet plays no role in improving health

              9. Prescription diets offer a medicinal benefit to help improve a condition, and the animal needs to be on this food for life.

              a. True

              b. False

                10. Cat can pick up on emotional stress in the home, and this contributes to:

                a. Digestive issues

                b. Unwanted behavior

                c. Vocalization

                d. Stress

                e. Cats don’t pick up emotional stress from their environment.

                f. a, b, c, d

                  11. Cats are exposed to heavy metals, neurotoxins, toxic chemicals and glyphosate through: 

                  a. Pesticides

                  b. Herbicides

                  c. Vaccines

                  d. Food

                  e. Laundry products

                  f. Air fresheners

                  g. All of the above 

                  12. Grain-free, dry cat food is better than one containing corn, soy, rice or wheat.

                    a. True

                    b. False

                      13. There is always an emotional component to an illness.

                      a. True

                      2. False

                        14. There is really no way to help a cat overcome traumas or negative experiences other than time, patience and love.

                        a. True

                        b. False

                          15. Cats have the ability to see and connect with the spirit world.

                          a. True

                          b. False

                            16. A chronic disease process can happen from over-vaccination, and this includes:

                            a. Hyperthyroidism

                            b. IBD

                            c. Heart disease

                            d. Allergies

                            e. Mobility issues/arthritis

                            f. Rhinitis/Respiratory issues

                            g. Skin diseases

                            h. Asthma

                            i. Cancer and lymphoma

                            j. Kidney failure

                            k. Tumors

                            l. All of the above


                            1. b 2. b 3. b 4. f 5. a 6. f 7. b 8. c 9. b 10. f 11. g 12. b 13. a 14. b 15. a 16. l

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