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Intuitive Card Readings March 30, 2023

Intuitive card readings

Do you ever feel stuck or simply need some guidance? Are you confused or need clarity about a situation you’re in? Perhaps you’re curious about what the universe would like to share? Intuitive Card Readings are perfectly timed divine messages. Nina and Pam are using three different card decks to tap into divine guidance for questions submitted by followers.

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To help cat owners learn about the options and benefits of natural, holistic health in order to not just live but to thrive. After all, our cats aren’t just pets...they’re family.

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Reiki healing with Deanna
Nikko fell off the bed, and his left shoulder and leg got hurt. He couldn’t walk. I did remote Reiki for him, and immediately after (1 hour), he was back to walking around! He is on the move! Walking! He was not walking earlier!!!… He is on the move again!!😂 Thank you, LOVE! Thank you so much!!! The healing was an amazing success!!!!!

Aracele P.

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