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It’s All About Energy…

Muscle testing with cats


Energy Medicine

Years ago I started seeing a Naturopath in Houston, TX, and my whole world changed on that first visit.  I was introduced to muscle testing, which is a way to test a person’s or animal’s energy.  Sonya would use push on my arm as she asked a question or tested a product, and my job was to keep it up.  If it went down it meant something was beneficial or good for me; on the contrary, if my arm fell, my body was telling me the item in question was very beneficial or needed.  Keep in mind–we are ALL made up of energy!  Every single object, whether animate or inanimate, is made up of energy–a combination of molecules:  protons, electrons and neutrons.  We all resonate a certain aura or energy, we just cannot visually see it without the help of a special camera or tool that measures this.

Muscle Testing

Fast forward a few years later my co-worker and very close friend, Mary, and I took a muscle testing class at Heights of Health in Houston, the clinic we both go to.  We actually learned many types of muscle testing and energy testing:  using the arm, fingers, body sway and using a pendulum.  My favorite method was and still is the pendulum as it was the easiest for me to pick up.   The pendulum determines positive or negative energy depending on which direction it swings when you test.  To say my world changed would be a big understatement!!  I began to test myself and my cats for everything:  food, supplements, vitamins, medicine, even decisions I was unsure of.  It was amazing!  Then other co-workers and friends found out about our new talent and would come to us and ask to be tested for certain products.  Did you know you can even test to find out if your unborn child is a girl or a boy??  What???!!!

If that doesn’t already blow your mind, did you know it can be done remotely?  In other words, the person or animal being tested doesn’t even have to be sitting next to you.  All you need is a name and a picture.   The person’s or pet’s energy travels through the universe and connects to yours.  Have I lost you yet?  I know it sounds a bit “woo-woo”, and I agree, it is, but it’s true and it works!   The very fact you’re reading this blog shows that you may be open to explore possibilities outside of the “norm,” and I’m so honored to bring you along in this journey of discovery!  Remember, it’s all about the energy!

Here is my favorite pendulum pictured below.  Learn more about muscle testing and holistic health here.

Tiger's Eye Pendulum

Tiger’s Eye Pendulum

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