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Lili’s Message to Me

Animal communication can be used to sort through challenges with your cat's health.

Lili catches some warm rays atop her cat tree

Is Animal Communication Real?

Things always happen for a reason. Most of the time we are only able to discern the reason after events have happened, and we are looking back trying to make sense of it all.  But sometimes, even though we may be looking for meaning, we can miss the message if our hearts and minds are truly not fully open to receive that message.  In our home these past ten years or so natural health–for both humans and cats–has become routine, a way of life.  One of the skills I learned was animal communication, and today’s story goes to show how real it is. 

Lili wouldn’t eat

This week Lili gave me a message.  But before I get to that, here’s some quick background.  A vet once told me, for cats to accept something it has to be their idea.  This is especially true when it comes to taking medicine!  Once she came home from the hospital about twelve days ago, getting Lili to eat was a challenge. 

Taking pills and liquid medicine was just as bad.  She began to run away from me all the time because she thought I was going to try to make her take more medicine.  To make matters worse she simply refused her new kidney diet food, and after five days of this, rather than risk hepatic lipidosis, the vet and I decided to let her eat whatever she would eat and worry about changing her diet once she was well.  Lili certainly agreed, and with enthusiasm she had lacked over the past five days she dove into some nice fishy holistic cat food but still didn’t eat very much.  To make things more complicated, the antibiotic, Clavamox, she was sent home with made her nauseous (we would find clear, foamy spots of vomit), and we had to take her off that, too. 

I tried incorporating the other supplements from the vet that helped her body process the phosphorus without taxing her kidneys as well as sneaking the probiotic and kidney support powder into her food, but she was smart.  If she smelled it or sensed it was there she would pick at her food and not finish it. 

The message was loud and clear

Last Sunday night I decided to do an animal communication session with Lili so that I could try to get to the bottom of her refusal to eat and try to make her understand why it was so important.  I found a quiet spot to sit and started the session.  She told me she was so happy to be home!  She had been scared and a bit traumatized staying at the hospital those three days.  She said the reason she didn’t want to eat her food is because the medicine we were giving her was making her sick to her stomach and she was tired of “too much medicine.”  

Then I saw an image of Snowbear, our cat who died two years ago from vaccinosis, in my mind.  Lili said she missed Snow very much and that she still sees him around the house.   I asked her if she wanted to go be with him or if she wanted to stay with us; the choice was hers, but she needed to decide.  It would break our hearts if she wanted to go, but we would accept her decision.  Then I explained to her why she needed to take her medicine, and her reply was simple:  “Give me something natural, mommy!”   I wrapped up the session telling her how much we loved her and wanted her to get well.  The next morning she ate all her food with supplements blended in, and seemed to feel much better!  She had made her decision to stay with us.

Lili on the mend

Lili on the mend

More natural support

Wednesday morning I awoke once more to a large wet spot in the bed.  I almost cried.  Clearly I needed to get her on something asap that would knock out her UTI before we had to make a repeat trip to the hospital.  Evidently all the drugs and antibiotics the vet ran through Lili’s IV in the hospital weren’t enough to wipe out the infection completely.

Unable to sleep I rolled out of bed around 4:45 and went straight downstairs to find some homeopathy and herbal medicine that would clear up the UTI.  Using my pendulum and holding Lili and each item, I energy tested her.  I ended up with 3 items:  Rena Chord, Urinary Gold, and Kidney Gold.  I tested her for the number of drops and dosages per day and pulled out a new jar of baby food.  She was a willing patient and ate what I gave her, medicine blended in.  Next I texted my naturopath, Laura Holland at Heights of Health, sent her Lili’s photo and a brief explanation of what was going on.  She did a remote clearing on Lili later that day and we added two more products to help lymphatic system clear out the infection:  Lymph Tone III and Inflammatone.

Lili's supplements to support her kidney and renal function along with a flower essence blend to support emotional recovery

Lili’s supplements to support her kidney and renal function along with a flower essence blend to support emotional recovery

Lili's herbal blends and homeopathy

Lili’s herbal blends and homeopathy

Through muscle testing Laura was able to determine what Lili’s body was trying to fight off or having sensitivity to.   Through ECR, a process of re-training the body not to have a reaction to something and help release the negative effects, (similar to NAET), Lili was cleared of salmonella typhi, pyelonephritis, streptococcus bacteria, candida albicans, kidney, kidney tissue, and blood.  In other words, she had an overgrowth of various forms of bacteria, and her body was having sensitivities to her own organs and blood.  Once this block was removed her body could start to heal.

Today Lili is feeling much better and actually spent time playing with her favorite toy ball.  She also spent time in daddy’s office everyday last week convalescing.  She now has her own special bed in there along with our old cat tree that sits next to the window so she can bask in the sunshine.  I think she’s finally on the mend, but because she’s been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and has about 25% function left in her kidneys, she’s more prone to develop UTIs.  I hope to continue making changes to her diet by reducing the amount of protein and phosphorus levels as well as continuing supplements for good kidney and urinary support.  Homeopathy and herbal medicine can really benefit cats with all types of illnesses and diseases, and muscle testing is the key to figuring it out.

Lili is not very happy to share her tranquil retreat with Aylen

Lili is not very happy to share her tranquil retreat with Aylen

Lili feels a bit spunkier

Lili feels a bit spunkier

Is your cat dealing with an illness or disease?  If so, are you interested in trying a more natural, holistic approach than relying solely on pharmaceutical drugs?  Do you know what the long term side effects are for the drugs you are using?  Exploring natural health can be fascinating and worthwhile.  Let me know if I can help you and your cat!

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