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Making Sense of Unexpected Loss

unexpected loss of pets

Our cats are family members, and when they pass away unexpectedly the shock can send cat parents’ minds in many directions. Unexpected loss of our fur babies can leave us with feelings of guilt, inadequacy, sorrow, and self doubt. What did I do to cause this? Is there something else I could have done to prevent this outcome? Why did my cat leave without saying goodbye? Sound familiar? Perhaps we’ve all been there.

One of my special clients, Jesse, recently went in for some much needed routine dental work. Thinking she would be picking up Jesse after his procedure, she left, kissing him goodbye knowing he was in great hands. But the unthinkable happened: during the procedure he had a stroke. Despite doing all they could to bring him back, sweet Jesse passed away during surgery. The vet and all the staff present, along with Kathy, were devastated.

Jesse’s parents have provided him the best in holistic care since adopting him after spending a year sitting in a shelter. He was such an integral part of their family of adopted kitties, and his loss is affecting everyone.

Kathy was desperate to understand what happened and why he passed away so suddenly and unexpectedly. Our amazing animal communicator, Kara, recently completed a session with him, and the outcome was stunning. Here is his story. (Spoiler alert–get some tissues!)

Animal Communication Session Goals:

Kathy: Mostly I just need to know he is okay and his little spirit has slipped the body that had always limited him. I want him to know how much we loved him.

Kara: He presented himself to me as very wise, calm and matter of fact. When we first connected, he rubbed around my legs and sat on my tummy purring. He felt very loving.

He then opened the conversation:

“This is a very serious matter, indeed. My heart failed in the end, and it’s a matter of chance that I’d make it out alive or not. It wasn’t anyones mistake, I was just old and it was my time to go. I chose to leave intentionally that way. At first it was touch and go, they fought hard to keep me safe and alive but I had decided that that was as good of a time as any to move on.”

Why did you choose to leave that way?

“To prevent further heartache. You see, when I was alive, my body was set up to fail and go down a road that was much tougher and much harder than what transpired. I decided to spare my parents the hardship of me decaying infront of their very eyes. It was going to be a long and arduous haul. One in which I had no desire of choosing. I made my escape when I had the chance.”

“I wanted to spare mom and dad the worst version, and I tried to soften the blow. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what I did. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you’ll realize one day that it was for the greater good and for your own sanity that I departed in this way.”

“I am fine now, Mom, I speak directly to you here… I know you blame yourself and hold the guilt tight in your heart, but believe me, it was nothing that you did. You missed no signs, you missed nothing. It was just I who decided to leave. I know my departure was unexptected and for that I am sorry. I hadn’t planned on it either in all honesty, but I didn’t see another opportunity that I would be willing to take otherwise, so I took my escape route. It was one of many over the years, and I decided this is my jump off point. Like I said, I had you and your best intentions in mind when I exited. I wanted to spare you.”

How are you now?

“I am doing quite well now actually. I am up here with the Angels. I am a high being and they’re helping me readjust and regroup. We are all very powerful, it’s nice to be amongst their power once again.”

Are you in pain?

“I’m never in any pain, and I never was. Not even for a minute. They spared me all of the pain that may have seemed torturous, but it wasn’t so, it wasn’t so in the very least.”

Did you suffer?

“Absolutely not. But I would have you see. I didn’t want to suffer and I didn’t want you to suffer more than you had to. So, the suffering is at a minimum.”

Were you scared?

“Never at all. When they put me under, I stayed in body for a bit and then I decided to try and escape it while I had the chance. I stayed tethered to my physical being and watched while they worked on me. I had been floating up there for a while, watching, and getting a feel for it when my body crashed. At first it caught me off guard and by surprise, I thought I had more time to float and be free but, in the end, I decided to stay out and not go back in. I watched as they worked laboriously over my fragile little body but once the cord was severed there was no going back. I had made my choice to leave and to stay out. I hurt a lot of people that day by my decisions. I am sorry.”

Did I make the wrong decisions about your care and did I miss something?

“You missed nothing. My body wasn’t in perfect condition needless to say but it was I who made the final decision. Please don’t hate me for such a deed. I figured it was high time I take my own life into my own hands and cut the cord. I was tired and had enough of that dragged old body. It was bound to fail in so many ways and I just wasn’t prepared to deal with that much pain.”

Did you know how much we loved you and wanted you and miss you?

“I miss you too, dear mother and father. You were so kind to take on a kitty with no home. I stayed there in the cage and would have waited forever for you. I was yours and always meant to be yours. If I had to wait an eternity until you were ready, I would have done so. You gave me so many gifts over the years and I thank you for being the bright and shiny light in my dark and dreary days. I appreciate you so much more than you’ll ever know.”

Jesse joins Kathy for meditation and yoga

The story doesn’t end here! Kathy sent Kara and I both an email that moved us both to tears.

I told our vet that we had a session done with Jesse in spirit.  It was so healing for me, and I know how devastated my vet and her staff were about what happened with Jesse.  I told them how Jesse explained he made a choice, how he watched them fight so hard, and how he’s sorry he hurt them or caused them pain. 

The tech that was in the room yesterday was also the tech in surgery with Jesse. As I told them about the session she and my vet began to cry but the younger tech was weeping.  She said, ‘I have been thinking about it everyday since it happened, asking what I did wrong.”

I went over to her, held her and told her she did not do anything, none of us did.  Jesse made a choice, and he felt her love and care.  They both thanked me for the closure.  I told them when I got home I would forward the session.  Today the office called me saying they have printed it out, and every member of the staff has read it.  They could not thank us enough because this had touched the whole office, and they said it made them feel so much better. 

Please never doubt the value that you bring to pet owners.  This session and the session with Georgia are a gift.  Jesse’s session healed a lot of hearts.  It was touching to hear Jesse describe how to let go of pain since I meditate everyday and always send the energy back into the earth. I appreciated that he spoke to me as he knew I would understand.  He often sat beside me, and today when I did my meditation I felt him there as I did what he said. 

My husband is an artist and plans to do a portrait of our boy surrounded by butterflies.  Thank you so much.  There is no way we can fully express what this meant to us.

Healing from unexpected loss of a cat
Jesse’s memorial

Sometimes the work we do as light workers, energy healers and communicators can leave us doubting our abilities and even our purpose when we run into blocks or struggles to help clients get the outcomes desired. However, when clients share how testimonials clearly demonstrating the tremendous impact our work has on others, it re-affirms our passion and commitment. Kara and I both want to thank you again for sharing Jesse’s story; I sense we may never truly know how great the ripple effect will be simply because you had the courage to share it.

If you would like to learn more about animal communication check out this page.

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