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Meditation with Snowbear

Meditation with animal communication


Do you meditate?  In the fast-paced world that we live in I believe it’s essential for reconnecting with our inner spirit, wisdom, and finding a respite of calm amid the chaos.  Meditation is the perfect setting for animal communication, too.  For example, it helps quiet the busy mind and open ourselves to hear and receive whatever message or messages the animals want to give us.  And boy, do they ever have a lot they want to share and teach us!  We just have to learn how to listen.  

Meditation, animal communication & a castle

Back in 2015 when I took the Advanced Animal Communication class with the gals from The Lightfoot Way, Kim led us in a very powerful meditation that I still love to this day.  Closing my eyes, finding my breath, and quieting my mind,  I begin by entering into a beautiful castle with high ceilings.  After walking down a curving staircase to a lower level I find a table with different colored lanterns on it.  “Choose a lantern,” she said.  Carrying my lantern I then proceed to walk down a dimly lit, narrow hallway. 

Meanwhile, there are sconces hanging on the walls and eventually I find myself in a dark, cave-like walkway.  The illumination guides my feet, and there is  a sense of anticipation as I continue to walk forward, unsure of where this path is taking me.  Gradually, the ceiling overhead begins to change to a dark forest canopy.  As I continue to walk forward slivers of sunlight began to break through the dark canopy, becoming brighter and brighter.  Eventually I reach the end of the pathway, opening up to a beautiful nature scene.  There are trees surrounding an open meadow, mountain ranges in the distance, and in the middle a little brook flowed through the meadow’s open space.  The air is fresh and clean, and I hear the sounds of nature all around me.

Symbolism and connection 

Everyone’s “ideal” place of beauty was different.  Before the meditation began we were told to observe everything around us from the time we entered the castle until we came to the end of the meditation.  As a result, each one of us encountered animals, people, pets, landscapes, flowers, plants,etc.  Consequently, the animal, pet or person had a message for the person meditating or they symbolized something. As people shared their experiences and began making connections to the symbolism, we were left with a sense of awe.  In short, it was fascinating to look up the meanings of the colors, plants, animals, and people each of us encountered.

In short, my journey was a very emotional one.  I remember having tears flowing down my face during my experience because I encountered Snowbear, my cat who recently passed away, on the stairwell in the castle.  He trotted alongside me throughout my journey.  His presence was so real I could literally feel the heart connection.  It was a very emotional, yet happy experience for me and unlike anything I have ever had.  From that time on, whenever I sit down to meditate I like to go back to the castle where I met Snow.  Our visits have been amazing with mind-blowing insights and symbolism, and after each one I write down what I observed.  Most importantly, I also make sure to look up the symbolism of the animals, plants or observations. 

Animal communication with a turtle named Harvey

Back on June 12, 2016, I experienced another powerful meditation and animal communication session.  The next day I shared it with my husband and close friends:

Last night was simply amazing…and mind-blowing!  I did a meditation before I went to bed, and it all started in my usual place with Snowbear.  Upon entering his castle he greeted me and jumped into my arms, cuddling and purring.  Rather than taking the spiral staircase downstairs the way we have in the past, he directed me straight ahead to the kitchen overlooking a beautiful garden.  There were beautiful plants and flowers everywhere, and I could hear lots of birds chirping and singing; butterflies were flying all around.  It was so beautiful and inviting. 

Next we walked outside to a small landscaped area with flowers, plants and foliage everywhere.  In the middle sat a koi pond with a little wooden bridge that went up and over the pond, leading to a pathway that stretched towards a tree line. We continued down this path with a tree canopy above us, letting in beams of sunlight and the sounds of birds overhead.  

After a short walk the tree canopy opened up into a lovely meadow with high grasses and a little stream.  The meadow was pretty large bordered with trees and shrubs.  I sat down on a tree stump, and Snowbear jumped in my lap.  As we sat there taking in all the beauty surrounding us I felt so peaceful.  Suddenly I looked down and noticed a turtle crawling up to me.  He was about 8 inches in diameter sporting a beautiful green and brown colored shell.  He introduced himself as Harvey and said he had a message for me:  

Animal communication can be done with all animals.

Harvey the turtle’s message

I know you feel a bit overwhelmed and over your head with all the things you’re working on for your business, but keep pressing on!  Be persistent!  It may feel like things are moving at a turtle’s pace and that you’ll never get to your goal, but you will.  It takes time, and you have much to learn.  Keep working towards your goals, one day at a time, one step at a time.

Then he began crawling away, showing me how difficult it was for him to walk through and over the high grasses…until finally he reached the edge of the stream, dove in and swam effortlessly to a sunny perch on a rock.  

All of a sudden something caught my attention towards the distant tree line off to my left.  I could see the figures of lots and lots of kitties, but I couldn’t tell if they were real or just a vision.  So I asked Snowbear, “Are all these kitties really here, or are they just a vision?”  He answered, “Those are all the kitties you are going to help.”  I was speechless.

The sun started to go down and twilight was coming quickly, so I said to Snow, “It’s time to go to bed…let’s go.”

And off to bed I went.

Meditation, symbolism, wisdom and understanding

So what did all this mean, and was there a significance to Harvey the turtle?  The next day I looked up the symbolism of the turtle and the name.  First I started with the turtle:

  • The turtle is a symbol of the world and the earth
  • It represents the ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos
  • The turtle is a reminder to slow down and pace yourself
  • Determination and persistence are its qualities
  • The turtle evokes emotional strength and understanding; it fosters peace and harmony with all things
  • It represents ancient wisdom and the ability to be naturally tuned into the elements, land, plants, people and animals

Next I researched the name Harvey.  It comes from Celtic words for battle, strong, worthy, ardent and iron. Quite fitting for the name of a turtle, don’t you think?  As for Harvey’s message, it sank in:  despite the struggles throughout the journey, there will be success and rewards at the end as long as I don’t give up!

Try meditation with animal communication!

The animals of this world and in our lives are here for a purpose; they are here to teach us how to be better humans and find our true purpose.  Meditation and animal communication are great avenues for connecting to these amazing animals.  Anyone can meditate–you don’t need special training.  Sit in a quiet place, and begin by tuning in to your heart and breath.  Find stillness, and connect your heart to the space around you.  Learning animal communication takes training and practice, but everyone has the ability to do it.  If you’re interested please contact The Lightfoot Way for information on their animal communication classes.

Ultimately, meditation with animal communication can be very powerful, inspiring and life changing.  It teaches you a lot about yourself and how to connect to your divine purpose on this earth.  I can certainly attest to being encouraged and inspired by the meditations I’ve done with Snowbear.

In summary, my journey and inspiration to start Purrrfectly Holistic began in late 2014 with the loss of Snowbear. Countless hours of work and over eighteen months later the website launched in March of 2016.  Since then my mission to help cats live longer, healthier lives by way of a holistic approach has not wavered.  As a result, I continue to learn, grow and share everyday.  What can I do to help your cat?  

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