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Natural Relief For Cats With Allergies: Max’s Story

Treating allergic reactions in cats with homeopathy


Cats With Allergies

Has your cat ever developed an allergy of some kind?  Perhaps you’ve noticed red patches of skin or areas where the fur is gone.  Or maybe your cat won’t stop licking and scratching himself?  Clearly something is wrong!  As cat parents the first thing we do is usually wait and see what develops.  If the conditions don’t get better the next thing we do is take the cat to the vet.  If you think your cat has allergies the most important thing to do first is determine the cause.

My friend, Lisa, reached out this week from their vacation home regarding her cat, Max:

Poor Max is incredibly allergic to something in our house here.  Since arriving he is constantly licking himself – especially his belly.  He is completely bald under both his front arms, the bottom area of his stomach is very pink and basically bare of hair, and he’s licking a section near his tail.  The closest allergy specialist is in Santa Barbara – a two and a half hour drive (one way).  I hate the thought of loading him up and driving him 5 hours to meet with a new vet.Treating allergic reactions in cats

I’m SO glad she contacted me!  After all, no cat enjoys a five hour car ride PLUS a trip to the vet at the same time.  I immediately picked up the phone and called her.  She had just taken Max to see a vet near their home.  The doctor was able to rule out mange and referred her to see a specialist when he couldn’t provide her with any answers.   The fact that Max’s fur was completely gone under both front “arm pits,” had blister-like red spots on his belly plus a spot near his tail made me realize that it was systemic, not isolated.  His immune system was on overload!  The constant scratching, licking and hive-type spots reminded me of when people have an allergic reaction to something they eat or touch (like shellfish or poison ivy).  So we started diving in a little deeper.  Was he eating anything new or taking any new supplements?  Then Lisa remembered that about four weeks earlier she got some raw goat’s milk on sale at Natural Paws and started offering it to their four cats.  (Raw goat’s milk is highly nutritious and safe for cats.) Feline skin allergies

Homeopathy to the rescue!

Suddenly she remembered seeing a small spot on Max not long after she started using the goat’s milk.  She didn’t really give it much thought at the time.  Fast forward almost four weeks later, now Max is absolutely miserable and fully symptomatic.  By muscle testing with photos of Max and the goat’s milk I discovered that this indeed was the source of his misery!  The next thing we had to do is find a way to calm his body down and stop the reaction, much like the way using Benadryl works in people.  I pulled out my veterinary homeopathic guide and started a search:  Apis was a perfect match, and muscle testing showed it would work for him! 

Apis is made from honey bee venom, and cases like insect stings or other allergic reactions will often respond rapidly.  It can be extremely effective in the treatment of allergic reactions, hives and hot spots.  Symptoms include edema, swelling, heat, pain and redness of the skin.  Apis is indicated whenever there is edema or other accumulation of fluid.  This may be the result of local inflammation, or systemic disease such as cardiac failure or renal (kidney) disease. (Fast Forward To The Cure,

Lisa picked up some Apis by Hyland at the local health store.  She dissolved three pellets in purified water and gave Max 1/2 ml twice a day.  She started with three doses and waited to see the results.  Within 24 hours Max wasn’t itching and licking as much as before, and some of the spots already looked better!  I advised her to continue the remedy twice a day because it was working, and we would reevaluate in a couple of days.  Max may also benefit from ECR, energetic cellular release, which reprograms the body’s cells to NOT react to a certain stimulus (in this case an allergic reaction).  Our friends at Heights of Health can facilitate this remotely or in person.  In the meantime, no more goat’s milk for Max! 

Find and treat the cause!

When treating allergies of any kind in cats it’s always important to find and address the cause.  Most vets will just give cortisone/steroid shots to mask symptoms, but this is a disservice both to you and your cat.  Your cat doesn’t need an expensive, hypo-allergenic diet or prescription cat food either.  Most of these foods are filled with inappropriate ingredients and grains that only promote more inflammation in the cat’s body.  If either of these situations are your reality and you’d like to try a different approach, your cat would highly benefit from an Optimal Cat Health Analysis.

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