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Neko Flies: Irresistible Interactive Cat Toys

Birbug cat toy by Neko Flies

The best interactive cat toys

It flies like a bird, crawls like a bug, has legs, wings, fur, and tails.  If my cats could speak English they would say OMG!!!!  Meanwhile mom and dad are laughing as the cats chase, jump, somersault and pounce on the colorful toy at the end of the wand. These toys transform our kitties’ behavior from loungers to predators and hunters.  It’s amazing to see all of them wanting to get in on the action whenever we pull out the Neko Flies cat toys.  These are by far the best interactive cat toys you can buy. Hershey loves Neko Flies

Neko Flies are simply irresistible to cats

Have you ever heard of or seen the Neko Flies cat toys?  They are award-winning, beautiful, interchangeable wand toys that resemble insects, birds, and mice.  Simply put, they are irresistible to cats!   These toys look very authentic, they’re extremely durable, and they inspire your cat’s natural hunting instincts, too.  In fact, they can be so appealing that your cat may try to “catch, kill, and eat” them so be sure to keep them in a safe place when you’re not playing with them. 

We have put the Neko Flies to the test in our home, and our cats absolutely love them.  In fact, while most interactive toys break easily, these are extremely durable and withstand even the most aggressive pounces, tugs and tactics.   A few of our toys may be missing a leg or two, but we haven’t had to throw one away yet!  There are eight different toys to choose from:

  • Birbug

    Interactive cat toys like Neko Flies will get your cat moving again

    The Birbug cat toy

  • Original kittenator
  • Kittycada
  • Kragonfly
  • Katarantula
  • Kattipede
  • Kiticatterfly
  • Foxifur kittenator

We just got the Birbug this week, and it was an immediate hit!  Your cat will love these toys!  Get yours now in The Boutique for Cats!  Check out Aylen in action:



What kinds of toys does your cat go crazy for?  If you’ve tried the Neko Flies leave a comment below. 

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