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Overcoming A Rabies Vaccine Injury: Mimi’s Miracle

Overcoming rabies vaccine injury

Mimi and two of her kittens

I received an email this week that made me cry.  Granted, they were happy tears!  When Michael reached out to me almost a month ago I could sense the desperation resonating through the phone. He had just purchased a custom dose of Lyssin, a homeopathic remedy often used in the treatment of an adverse reaction to the rabies vaccine.  It was Easter weekend, and I was his hail Mary.  

What rabies vaccine injury can look like

Michael and his wife have been fostering and rescuing animals for 40+ years.  On March 14th someone brought to their local shelter a mama kitty and her four newborns, probably 4-5 days old, rescued from a trailer park.  That same day the shelter was temporarily closing due to the COVID19 crises.  In a panic, the shelter manager called Michael and asked if he and his wife could foster this new family.  Of course he said yes, so the mama was given a rabies vaccine before being discharged.  Michael describes what happened next:

The next day we noticed how mom was so limp when we would pick her up, like a “rag doll”.  On the 16th the smallest of the four kittens started to crash, and mom would not except it, so we rushed it to the shelter.  It died that night.  Tuesday March 31st we took mom to get her FVRCP shot and check up.  She seemed more limp than ever and didn’t move around much on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Friday morning she could not get up.  They just figured it was an injury and said to give it some time.  By Monday morning she could not hold her head up.  It had been 4 days no pee or poop.  Finally on the 7th of April she did her business.  I had searched on line how to pee a cat.  I kept researching reactions to drugs, shots, detox remedies and that’s how I found you.

Non-toxic products to the rescue

Muscle testing resonated with an adverse reaction to the rabies vaccine as the root cause of her debilitating condition.  I’m a firm believer there’s always something you can do and try, even in the most seemingly hopeless situations.  Without promising Michael mama kitty would make a full recovery, I did tell him that energy testing would reveal what her body needed to heal and rebalance.  To what extent healing was possible I didn’t know.  Despite feeling a bit skeptical about it all, Michael agreed to give it a try.

Using her photo I muscle tested to determine a Lyssin protocol and shipped it on April 13th.  Mama kitty’s condition was further complicated from a toxic dose of Revolution given while at the shelter for a bad case of ear mites.    This poor kitty’s body was in no shape to add any more toxins to it!  Therefore, my other recommendations included adding milk thistle daily, Worm-X by The Two Crazy Cat Ladies to safely treat the ear mites, and cleaning the ears with colloidal silver.

April 13th update:  The rabies vaccine injury we are up against

Sorry to keep bothering you but I have been thinking about the picture I sent you of mom.  I don’t know if I was trying to show how good she was doing or if I should have sent you a picture of how bad she is doing.  She is able to sit up as will and support her self including her head.  We have been trying to stimulate the use of her legs but with not much luck. 

We take a towel under her belly and try to get her to support herself and she tries but then she will begin to flop her head at the neck and she just drops to the ground.  So very sad.  She does have feeling in her legs and toes and moves her tail and can flop from one side to the other at will.  Don’t know it all this matters to the dosage or instructions, just letting you know what we are up against.  Thanks for listening to our sad story….

Mimi, after the rabies vaccine when she could still hold up her head.

April 19th update:  A glimmer of hope

Hi Pam, today we moved to the twice daily dose.  We want to say we are seeing very small changes. She is very alert and talking and trying to move where she was not before.  Also, she finally started drinking water again.  Today is the first time that when we support her with a towel she actually tries to move her feet as if stepping.  Do you have any hints on getting the milk thistle down?  She smells it in the food and foamy liquid comes out of her mouth. 

In addition to recommending using a powdered milk thistle or mixing the liquid version into bone broth or raw goats milk, I also did some energy healing on mama.  The areas of the body resonating at the time were musculoskeletal system, nervous system, glutamate, legs, tendons and inflammation.  After doing more muscle testing I also recommended adding an Omega 3 supplement daily and Heal CBD by CBD Dog Health.  

April 24th update:  More signs of recovery from the rabies vaccine injury

Today is the first day of no Lyssin.  She seems to be getting stronger.  She has started to pull herself along the floor, small distances at a time.  We will continue with the milk thistle daily and giving her goats milk.  She normally is a big eater but not today for some reason.  You can tell she wants to get up and walk but can’t.  If we support her with a towel she takes steps.  We really are surprised she has done this well.  

Mimi’s kittens –It’s amazing how fast they’re growing! Photos taken about 2 weeks apart.

April 28th update:  OMG!

YOU are a miracle worker!  She started to test her muscles on Sunday and now look at her.  She won’t let me pee her so we started to take her out in the yard and she crawled to the grass and does her business.  A few steps at first, now up to 5 or 6 at a time.  The vet at the shelter wants to see her tomorrow and has not seen her since she could not support her head.  The vet does not know we were trying to heal her on our on and has no idea how well she is doing, thanks to you.

He included a video of her walking–yes, walking–outside!  My heart jumped inside and I could barely believe my eyes!  This same cat just 2 weeks earlier could barely hold up her head and couldn’t even stand.  My friends, this is the power of natural healing!  All we did was muscle test to determine which tools to give her body so it could heal itself.  

Mimi can now fully walk again!

Life post-rabies vaccine injury

Once a cat has had an adverse reaction to a vaccine it’s not recommended to ever be revaccinated again because the likelihood of a worse or even fatal reaction happening is too great.  Therefore, I pleaded with Michael to please let her future adopters know this.  His reply was immediate:

We named her MiMi aka Mike’s Miracle. We have no intention of letting her be adopted.  She is ours for life.  We have been through too much together.  We have been fostering and rescuing for 40+ yrs and and only the special cases have ever gotten to stay.

She’s special alright…she’s a true miracle!

As for her kittens, they are thriving under Michael and his wife’s care and show absolutely no effects of the vaccine’s effects passed on to them.  Even the little runt is steadily gaining weight.  They are truly lucky to have such a wonderful mama and foster parents raising them until they are ready for their forever homes.  


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