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Parasite Problems

Killing parasites in cats safely

Rocket is on his way to see his Naturopath at Heights of Health

Kill Parasites In Cats Safely

Parasites.  What a nasty little word!  And the ugly truth is…we all have them.  Sometimes our cats even get them, and we don’t even realize it until they become symptomatic.  Perhaps these two stories will give you some hope and guidance in how to safely kill parasites in cats in case they surface in your kitty’s world.

A few weeks ago Rocket began having tummy troubles.  Almost every night for about two weeks he would throw up remnants and pieces of undigested food.  He never lost his appetite or showed any other signs of trouble, and since I couldn’t figure out what was going on I took him to see Sonya at Heights of Health.  She used me as a conduit to muscle test on him, and after going through the laundry list of possible suspects it was determined that he had pancreatitis caused by an intestinal parasite. 

She cleared him of the sensitivities through energetic cellular release, a process which uses light therapy and energy to retrain cellular memory.  I had taken several of the homeopathics I was using on him with me to the appointment, and we added a couple more to his regimen to kill the parasite and help heal his gut.

Killing parasites in cats naturally

Rocket’s recommended regimen

Sonya also recommended I get some diatomaceous earth, also known as DE, which is excellent for killing parasites.   DE is basically a fine powder ground from rock that comes from the skeletons of fossilized diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae.  The human grade kind can be taken with food (yes, both for people or pets), and he takes 1/4 teaspoon once a day mixed with his food.  I’m happy to report he’s doing very well!  He only needs the homeopathy once a day now, and he hasn’t thrown up anything in almost two weeks!  He is completely off the pancreas support and immune builder now.

Non-toxic parasite treatment for cats

How to kill parasites in outdoor kitties

Just a few days ago my aunt Bonnie texted me from Waco.  Their outdoor feral kitty, Major, was rubbing his bottom on the ground and he was itching a lot.  Those are classic symptoms for tapeworms, which result from fleas.  Sure enough, a trip to the vet confirmed it.  Bonnie wanted to know if I could recommend anything natural to kill the fleas.  Of course–diatomaceous earth!  This stuff is so safe you can use it in lieu of flea powder.  Major needed 1/4 teaspoon in his food daily to kill the tapeworms and applied externally to kill the fleas.



Final thoughts and tips 

Why is DE so great and how does it work?  While it looks like harmless white powder to us, at the microscopic level it acts like knives and tears apart the parasite from the inside out once it’s ingested.  I would also recommend including a good probiotic so that your cat’s gut flora is strengthened at the same time.  You may also want to add a little canned or fresh cooked pumpkin which is a great source of fiber to help push the little buggers out of the intestinal tract and colon.

Are the pest control products you’re using on your cat safe and effective?  Consider doing an Optimal Cat Health Analysis and find out!

What to learn more about all the benefits and uses for diatomaceous earth?  Check out this article!



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