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Raw Diet for Cats Made Easy


A raw diet for cats just got easier!

Chumley overcame health issues when he started eating a complete and balanced raw diet.

A raw diet for cats provides optimal nutrition

One of the premises of optimal health for cats revolves around feeding them a biologically appropriate diet.  If you think about it, it’s really no different for people!  If we eat junk food, fried foods, sugar, sodas, fast food and processed foods all the time, there’s really no amount of supplements that can out-do the bad diet.  For cats, who are by nature obligate carnivores, they must eat a diet of meat.  Contrary to what you’ll find on many commercial brand and veterinary brand cat foods, our furry little carnivores should NOT eat grains and starches.  Why?  Their bodies aren’t designed to digest carbohydrates, and these ingredients lay the ground work for diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cancer to develop.  It’s far too common to find corn, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, rice, or potatoes, etc, listed among the first five ingredients on many cat food products.  (Read your cat food labels!)  This makes absolutely no sense, yet pet food manufacturers do this because these ingredients are cheap fillers.  If you still haven’t made it out of the cat food aisle at the grocery store, let me redirect you to the meat department.  A raw diet for cats is the closest thing to a natural diet (prey diet) you can offer your fur baby.  But where do you start?  A raw diet for cats is easy with a pre-mix formula.

I’m glad you asked!  While in Las Vegas for SuperZoo, the largest pet industry trade show, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Food Fur Life.  Carolina lives in Dallas, TX, owns several dogs and cats and has a passion for and belief in offering her fur kids the best nutrition available through a raw diet.  After tons of research and preparing homemade raw meals that were extremely time consuming, she used her background as a chemist to simplify the process and share the end result with other pet parents.  She started her own business, Food Fur Life, and created pre-mixes that can be added to any meat of your choice!  This means you can buy whatever human grade meat you want from the grocery store, add in the pre-mix, stir in some water, and serve it to your cat!  Sounds too easy, right? 

Here are some quick facts:

  • One-step homemade, balanced and complete cat food
  • Can be used with cooked or raw meat
  • Is appropriate for all life stages when mixed with boneless meat
  • Contains no grains, fruits or vegetables
  • Contains omega 3s sourced from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel powder for beautiful skin and coat and optimal health; it’s anti-inflammatory, contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and is a source of antioxidants
  • Can be made with single servings or batches
  • Contains digestive enzymes for better digestion

Check out the EZ Complete ingredients:  Dried Chicken Liver, Eggshell (source of calcium), Dried Egg Yolk, Pork Pancreas Glandular, Green Lipped Mussel (NZ), Taurine, Digestive Enzymes (Bromelain, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase), Iron, Vitamin B Complex, Chelated Manganese, Zinc, Chelated Copper, Vitamin D3, Potassium Iodide (iodine).

As a bonus, she has a product called EZ Egg Yolk.  Egg yolks are “super foods” for your cat’s health.  Egg yolk aids in hairball prevention, supports healthy skin and coat, supports healthy cognitive function, helps prevent dementia in aging pets, and benefits gastrointestinal motility.  You just can’t go wrong by adding a 1/4 teaspoon to your cat’s food twice a day.

So what did my cats think?

I brought home both of these products and started adding them to the raw, supplemental diet meat blends that I buy from Bones 2 Go here in Houston.   I simply scoop out a portion, add the powdered Food Fur Life mix, add water, stir, and serve!  The cats took to it right away.  Now they lick the bowls!  I started by adding a small amount of the mix and slowly added more until they were used to it.  You can check out the Food for Life store here and see options for both cats and dogs.  I encourage you to experiment with slowly adding some raw or cooked meat with this easy mix to your cat’s diet.  The healthy results will pay dividends!

Want to try EZcomplete for FREE?
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Here are the details: 
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Good Luck!
Limit one prize per household.

You can read more about Optimal Nutrition for Cats and reading cat food labels here.

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