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Reiki, A Cat, & A Marine With PTSD

Reiki healing

Matt and Castiel

I received an amazing email this past week from a client who did a Reiki healing session for her cat, Castiel.  Some cats come into our lives because they have a job to do.  In this case, Castiel (aka Cass) views his role as a support and buffer in order to absorb the PTSD stress from his cat dad, Matt.  Matt is a United States Marine Corp disabled veteran with severe PTSD from his time in service.  As we know, emotional stress can manifest into actual physical ailments.  Therefore, it’s important we find a way to relieve this kind of stress from our cats, and Reiki healing is a “purrfect” way to do so!

Even though up until now Matt hasn’t quite “bought in” to all the holistic approaches Tricia and I have worked to implement for their furry family of seven cats, this latest Reiki chakra healing experience may have made him a believer!  After working with our amazing Reiki practitioner, Lori, in a remote session Tricia received an email detailing everything she found and heard while doing the session on Cass.  We think the results are so powerful they are worth sharing, hopefully inspiring all those cat parents reading this to give Reiki a try.  

There are seven chakras that Lori focused on; here are the details for each one.

The Crown Chakra

Lori:  As soon as I began connecting at the crown chakra on the top of his head, right away I heard ‘I don’t like when they push me away’. (We will get to that later since he mentions it again).  I asked him if it was OK if I offered him a healing session, and I saw him roll on his back for me.

Tricia:  I guess he really did want the Reiki! LOL!

Lori:  Seeing images of him playing with a moth, I could see it in his mouth, and he didn’t like the flavor of it on his tongue.

Tricia:  This could be playtime toys; we have multiple mice, insects, etc, on wand toys that he likes to catch in his mouth.

Lori:  I saw him bathing in the sun but also received an image of him jumping on or swatting at another cat who was minding their own business. I asked him why he does that, and he said it’s a game to him so he can show them who’s boss.  I felt aggression in his energy field, some frustration, and also the feelings of being trapped which may be what he’s picking up from your husband.

Tricia:  Probably a lot from Matt here.   Lanna (our animal communicator) informed us that Cass doesn’t like that our cat Max ignores him and doesn’t acknowledge his presence when he walks into a room.  Cass is also frustrated that our cat Melody refused to be his friend when she first arrived at our home four years ago.  He finally gave up trying and holds some animosity over that.

Reiki for pets


The Third Eye Chakra

Lori:  When I was working on his third eye chakra I felt that he powers over others because he feels powerless.  That’s probably why he attacks the other cats.   This could also be inherited from his mother because it feels as though she was a fighter as well and maybe had to fight for her food.  Overall, this feels ancestral, and I think he picked up some of this from his mother’s womb.

Tricia:  No idea here.  He and his sister Sookie were adopted together as kittens from a shelter, and I have no background on the mother.

Lori:  I feel that he came into your husband’s life to be his mirror.  He wants to show him his actions so he can start looking at things with a new set of eyes, to get a new perspective, and see things differently.  This can help Matt be more positive if he gets in his head too much.

Tricia:  This is definitely something Matt needs to learn.

The Throat Chakra

Lori:  At his throat chakra I felt that it was hard for him to speak and share his feelings.  There is difficulty in self expression, hidden feelings pain, and he lashes out due to his own self frustration. I also sensed misguided anger here.  This chakra was very blocked, and I used color and sound healing until the chakra was balanced, cleansed and all the lower energy released.

Tricia:  This sounds like Matt.  He deals with a lot of mental pain from his PTSD and finds it very difficult to express his feelings.  So much so that most of the time he says he has no feelings.  This isn’t true; he just doesn’t know how to express or deal with them.


The Heart Chakra

Lori:  When I was working on his heart chakra I could feel that he’s a very loving kitty and wants attention all the time, but sometimes he will go and hide and seclude himself.  He does this to protect his heart from being hurt because he’s very big softy. I felt like he loves to be rubbed on the back of his head and underneath his chin. This chakra was just a little unbalanced, but I was able to clear out any lower energies during the session.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Lori:  At his solar plexus I could feel that this chakra was very enlarged. I released emotions of guilt and shame along with not feeling worthy. He doesn’t want to be seen as weak. (I don’t want this to be about your husband, but I don’t think some of these emotions were Cass’s.)

Tricia:  This IS from Matt.  He has a lot of guilt and shame surrounding some of the things he had to do while in the Marines.  It’s all part of his PTSD.


The Sacral Chakra

Lori:  At his sacral chakra there was a lot of tightness. The feelings were those of not being able to properly express himself.  This chakra was almost completely closed.  I felt there was displaced anger and frustration here.  After using color and sound healing on him I felt the energy releasing.

Tricia:  This is also Matt!

The Root Chakra

Lori:  At his root chakra I felt a lot of anger, unworthiness, and the need for change. There were also feelings of abandonment and being left behind.  Could this have been from his mother? I felt feelings of being alone. I’m not sure who’s feelings these were, your husbands or Cass’s. While working on him I repeated ‘you are at peace and you are loved’ and felt him relaxing as the energy released from him.

Tricia:  At first I wasn’t sure…I thought this could be Matt as he has been having issues with his mother recently.  He’s had a relationship with her for many years, BUT she did abandon him and his brother when they were young.  However…now I am sure this is Matt.  He just told me he’s been having nightmares of me leaving him in the middle of the night without a word, etc.  He doesn’t understand why I stay with him…

Cats and Reiki healing


Castiel shares his thoughts

Lori: I asked him if he had anything he would like to share with you, and here’s what he said:

He wants to spend more time with your husband because he likes to be in his energy. (I think he absorbs it.)

Tricia:  Well… I think that’s definitely clear!

Lori:  He wants your husband to know that he is there for him, to listen and send him love.  He likes being close to him because he is in his life to bring unconditional love.  Sometimes your husband gets frustrated with him and pushes him away.  Cass doesn’t let this bother him.  He also likes the smell of what your husband eats and wants a taste. I saw an image of him licking a plate with some food on it; I’m not sure if he is allowed to do this but he did like the taste. 

In addition, Cass likes to climb up high, watch the birds, and likes where he lives but doesn’t like the doors being shut.  Maybe some rooms are closed off to him or he was locked in a room or out of a room by mistake?  Finally, he said thank you for his home and the love that you give him.  He’s very happy, and it’s meant for him to be there.  Cass picked this family and has a job to do:  “I’m am happy with the role that I play here, and I wouldn’t change anything.”

Tricia:  Matt shuts the bathroom door when he’s in there and also shuts his bedroom door most of the way.  I don’t think the kitties like this because it makes it harder to come and go with other cats “guarding” the entrance.  Also, we have a lot of cabinets with built-ins and doors, and Cass is likes to try to open the cabinets all of the time.

Matt’s reaction

Tricia:  I will say…Matt may be becoming a believer (yay!!).  After reading this to him he said “It sounds like she is talking about me!!  And if Cass is really taking on all this stuff from me he should stop because it will kill him.”

Matt also became a little depressed that he was causing Cass so much pain–he doesn’t want to hurt him.  After reiterating Cass’s message to him and explaining his purpose, I assured him that I will do what I can to help Cass release this “stuff” so that he doesn’t get sick from it.  So, I guess you will be hearing from Castiel and I in about 3 months for another session!!

Reiki for PTSD

Matt and Castiel

Final thoughts on stuck energy

Stuck energy can manifest in the body in different ways.  When I previously assessed Cass energetically months ago there was an arthritic type of inflammation coming from his rear legs.  With him being so young we were a bit bewildered by this.  Not long after Cass had his first Reiki session with Lori to our surprise she released a lot of stuck energy in his back legs.  She felt it was all the emotional stuff Cass was taking on from Matt.  In my follow up with Cass this arthritic inflammation no longer resonated!

In light of this powerful testimonial it’s important to know that trapped emotional “stuff” can and does manifest into physical symptoms if not released or dealt with.  If this story resonates with you consider trying a Reiki healing session with Lori and help your cat set his “stuff” free so he can be happier and healthier!

A special heartfelt thanks goes out to Matt for his service to our country and allowing us to share this experience with our readers.  We love and support our veterans!

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Deanna is amazing. I’ve had Reiki done before, and her Reiki is on another level! Besides her skills and the value that you get out of the sessions, I appreciate how caring Deanna is. She checked up on me several times and went above and beyond to give helpful tips and insights. Such a beautiful soul and so glad to have found her. If you have had Reiki with others before, and want to see what a more powerful session is like…or are skeptical about it, I highly encourage you to try Deanna.”


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