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Remembering Lili

Princess Lili

One of the most difficult things about having fur kids is when it’s time to say goodbye. This past week we had to say goodbye to our 15 year old Tonkinese, Lili. Today I honor her memory with a look back.

Finding Lili

Back in 2006 we went to a local cat show with the hope of finding our next kitty. Just in case we were successful I packed a cat carrier in the car.

After walking all the aisles and talking to numerous breeders we decided to head home, feeling a bit disappointed. Outside the showroom we stopped to look at a vender’s booth full of cute cat beds, toys, etc. It was there I caught a glimpse of two beautiful Lilac Mink Tonkinese kittens inside a large kennel. To my delight the booth owner informed me the kittens were available!

New arrival, baby Lili

After meeting both kittens we settled on one, grabbed the kennel from the car, and happily made our way back home with our new beautiful baby girl. We named her Lili because she was white and gentle like the flower.

Lili with Snowbear


In no time at all she made friends with our other resident Tonks at the time, Snowbear and Hershey. She also stole her daddy’s heart and became the princess of the house. We were both completely smitten with our baby girl, and she snuggled right next to me our first night together.

Lili plays ball

Always the shy and reserved girl, she preferred to play alone instead of sharing the spotlight. We always laughed and encouraged her as she played for hours with her favorite ball, the whole time loudly vocalizing her athletic ability.

After the passing of Snowbear and later Hershey, we felt like she needed a girl friend. After all, Rocket and Gunner were a bit too rambunctious for her. Therefore, we adopted Aylen, only to discover she was not impressed. Furthermore, their personalities were completely opposite. As a result, Lili preferred spending time with mom or dad instead of the hooligans.

Lili loved spending hours in dad’s office, snuggled in her cat bed next to him while he was on the computer. Perhaps she sensed he needed her gentle energy supporting him. She also hung out at the kitchen table where mom worked and would often interrupt for cuddles or to be fed.

Lili, survivor

Almost eight years ago she developed a kidney infection resulting from an unknown UTI at the time that required hospitalization for several days that she almost didn’t recover from. As a result she has survived on 25% kidney function since that time. In order to support and preserve kidney function she’s been on several supplements and would take them in her food like a champ.

About two months ago while dad was out of town she began refusing all her supplements. In my heart I knew that would have a detrimental effect on her health. So I asked one of my animal communicators to connect with her, to check in and see how she was doing. Here are some highlights of what she shared:

Lili speaks

I am the little girl of the family. I am the most delicate and dainty and a bit fragile overall. I assist mom with her energy intake, in case she needed to know. She has a lot of heavy stuff and a large load right now that I am trying to help her with. Ease her pain if you will. I’ve been in her life almost my whole lifetime and I’ve seen her ebb and flow. Things will be changing drastically and it makes the house a bit unsettled with unrest. Tell mom not to worry so much, in the end the light will shine even more brightly and I’ll do my best to assist in all capacities, to the best of my abilities. I love my name, by the way… I wanted mom to know. It’s delicate and dainty just as I am. I much appreciate it.

Just a couple days before she passed another communicator shared some things from her:

Lili confirmed that she was in transition but that she would let you know when it was time.  She wants to make sure that you are ok with it and also wants you to know that she is having a wonderful life with you and your other pets.  She is transitioning to be able to gather more wisdom for you and will remain with you in spirit in order to pass that wisdom on to you.  Lili added that she is sad to be leaving you in the physical realm but that she will always be with you.  Life is full of changes good and bad but we need to accept them and grow through them.  She ended by saying again that she loves you.

Star being energy

Three days after she passed another communicator shared more, including specific questions I had about why she left now, when did her spirit actually disconnect and what will she be doing next:

 I chose to leave when I had to do it at the most convenient time for all concerned.  I was always a critical thinker and could decide what was best for myself and by extension others in the family. I was in pain the last three days; it was bearable, but I couldn’t breathe as well.  I felt more anxious than normal. I’m glad the end came when it did; however, my spirit disconnected three days before I passed. I haven’t decided what I will do yet, and I am in an organizational state of being now.  Check in with me three months from now because I am currently in spiritual transition.  There’s a Council that will decide how my talents should be applied to others.  (I asked – who are the others?)  Cats in training.  We’re a kind of star being energy.
I loved everyone in the family equally.  I didn’t favor family members even though their perception could have led them to that conclusion.  Some people need more support than others, and I was a support animal in many regards.

Lili, December 2021

Yes, she was definitely our support animal! I could always count on her snuggling next to me each night, and every time we said her name she would light up! She loved being carried around and having her own special dining area on the bar. To say she was spoiled is an understatement. Sweet Lili, you will always be our little princess, and we miss you very much! May your light shine brightly and guide us on the journeys ahead.

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